Philip Clark: Asleep at the wheel


"No one is saying anyone ought to sleep through music – just that you might as well make the best of it when the inevitable happens." Philip Clark on the pleasures of Francisco López, Bruckner and blindfolds


Biocomputers and slime mould circuits


"Compositions based on data run the risk of sounding less interesting than the descriptions of the conceptual thought gone into their construction." Emily Bick journeys to the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research in Plymouth

Rewired 19 March 2015


Listen again to last week's show on NTS Radio, hosted by Daisy Hyde and Katie Gibbons. With tracks by Rosen, LST, Helena Hauff, Derek Piotr, Shit & Shine and more

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Adventures In Sound And Music 19 March 2015


Listen again to last Thursday's broadcast of our regular Resonance FM show. This week's host, Derek Walmsley, goes deep into the sounds of 1990s computer music from DJ Guy, Ben Zimmerman, Soichi Terada and μ-Ziq, alongside what sounds like 1990s computer music, from Legowelt, Wolfgang Voigt, Peder Mannerfelt, and many more



Shop: Clothing


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Rewired 19 February 2015


Listen again to last week's programme on NTS Radio, hosted by Daisy Hyde and Shane Woolman, with tracks by Mungo's Hi Fi featuring Mr Williamz, Pearson Sound, Honzo, Sela, Wbeeza, Rabit and others


Nathan Budzinski: Eternal Pish


"The marketing narratives laid down by the likes of Red Bull and similar have helped beckon forth an enveloping haze of meaningless positivity, creating a world that’s happy yet contentless, adult but toothless." Nathan Budzinski assumes the lotus position, breathes deeply and becomes mindful of Eternal Bliss™

Charts from Issue 372

2014 Rewind: Subscribers' Chart


After our 2014 Rewind chart was published, we turned to subscribers to ask what their favourite release of the year was. The results are also published in The Wire 372.