The Wire online 2014 roundup

Including noise in Shanghai, Borbetomagus documentaries, the revitalised FM radio spectrum, whalesong, ventriloquism, John Fahey's paintings and more



Free Folk


Helen Morris braves encroaching tides and shifting sands to attend the Fanø Free Folk Festival, and asks what – or who – “experimental folk” might be?

On Air

Rewired 4 December 2014


Listen again to last week's show on NTS Radio, hosted by Katie Gibbons and Shane Woolman. This week the duo play tracks by Negativland, Donald Fraser, Tradesman, Grey Branches and others, plus Dale Cornish visits the studio to perform a live set

Video from Issue 370

15 Freedom Riders playlist


Listen to a playlist based on the 15 Freedom Riders chart, part of the Freedom Principles essays in The Wire 370 – a survey looking at ideas of liberation in music and sound


Derek Walmsley: Jazz Searches For The New Land


From newly independent nations of Africa to locations in the Far East and remote cosmos, jazz from the mid-1950s onwards imagined liberation through distant places and spaces. In a new series, Derek Walmsley journeys through the sketches of these new worlds. First call: Lee Morgan's "Search For The New Land"


Psychic Jams


Kasper Opstrup cracks open the Third Mind and gets into the vibe with William Burroughs and Brion Gysin, Matmos, Jennifer Walshe, Tomomi Adachi, Kouhei Matsunaga and more