Nathan Budzinski: Eternal Pish


"The marketing narratives laid down by the likes of Red Bull and similar have helped beckon forth an enveloping haze of meaningless positivity, creating a world that’s happy yet contentless, adult but toothless." Nathan Budzinski assumes the lotus position, breathes deeply and becomes mindful of Eternal Bliss™

Charts from Issue 372

2014 Rewind: Subscribers' Chart


After our 2014 Rewind chart was published, we turned to subscribers to ask what their favourite release of the year was. The results are also published in The Wire 372.


The Wire online 2014 roundup

Including noise in Shanghai, Borbetomagus documentaries, the revitalised FM radio spectrum, whalesong, ventriloquism, John Fahey's paintings and more

Video from Issue 370

15 Freedom Riders playlist


Listen to a playlist based on the 15 Freedom Riders chart, part of the Freedom Principles essays in The Wire 370 – a survey looking at ideas of liberation in music and sound