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Philip Clark


Philip Clark: Asleep at the wheel

March 2015

"No one is saying anyone ought to sleep through music – just that you might as well make the best of it when the inevitable happens." Philip Clark on the pleasures of Francisco López, Bruckner and blindfolds


Philip Clark: Down With The Hole

October 2014

Philip Clark on Deutsche Grammophon's 1970s forays into free improvisation, and the impact of DG's current boss, former A&R pop picker Max Hole


Philip Clark: Composers Anonymous

March 2013

In his first column for The Wire online, Philip Clark looks at unhinged egos, unanswered emails and other occupational hazards of life as a working composer – and musicians who don't want to be noticed.

The Portal from Issue 332

Militant Tuning Portal

September 2011

Philip Clark's Primer on Militant Tuning in The Wire 332 looks at how Just Intonation, microtones and overtones are used as secret weapons in the fightback against the sonic tyranny of equal temperament.