Hosted by Derek Walmsley, with Vatican Shadow, Lucio Capece, Cristian Vogel, Conrad Schnitzler, Don Preston and more.

Vatican Shadow
"Cairo Sword Unsheathed"

from Iraqi Pretorian Guard
(Blackest Ever Black)

Earl Howard

from Granular Modality
(New World)

Lucio Capece
"Some Move Upward Uncertainly (For Harley Gaber)"

from Zero Plus Zero

Chris Abrahams & Lucio Capece
"Ring Road"

from None Of Them Would Remember It That Way

Toma Gouband
"Courant Des Vents"

from Courant Des Vents

Cristian Vogel
"Snakes In The Grass"

from Inertials

Conrad Schnitzler
"Zug (Sorgenkind Mix)"

from Zug – Reshaped And Remodelled by Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer

Smith & Mighty
"Brain Scan"

from Smith & Mighty: The Three Stripe Collection 1985–1990
(Bristol Archive Records)

Ray Keith
"A Messy Mash-up Of Jungle Breaks"

from Jungle Breaks: 60 Beasts For Dubplate Clashes And Battle Junkies


from Split

Don Preston
"Electronic Music"

from Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967–82
(Sub Rosa)

Lettera 22
"Dieter Tapes"

from Dieter Tapes
(NNA Tapes)

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