Operating out of Burlington, Vermont, NNA Tapes has released work by countless artists from across the US underground, from shapeshifting punks to gurus of the modular pulse, and its signature white tapes have held some of the most potent audio soporifics of recent years. All releases are on NNA Tapes unless otherwise stated


"Wilted Pine"
from On Amorphous Dawn

Migrations In Rust
"Two Shadow"

Justin Meyers
"B Drone (No Stasis)"
from Albuterol Auteur

Freddy Ruppert
"Memory Slothly"
from Hangs A Shadow

Jason Lescalleet
"An Archaic Code"
from Archaic Architecture

Eli Keszler
"Mired 2: Bowed Crotales, Snare Drum"
from Split

Fat Paul
"Live 5/3/13"

"A Long Way from Home"
from Hubble Eagle

Blanche Blanche Blanche
"Pain Station"
from Wooden Ball
(OSR Tapes)

Ryan Power
"Identity Picks"
from Identity Picks

Chris Weisman
from Maya Properties
(OSR Tapes)

Alex Maksos
"The Green Orb"

Anthony Child
"The Space Between People And Things Part One"
from The Space Between People and Things

Austin Caesar
"Remainders/Bottom Feeders"

Nate Young
"Only Fallen Heads"
from Blinding Confusion

Snake In The Garden

Guerrilla Toss
"Bird In A Basket"
from Split
(Feeding Tube)