Listen: exclusive White Material label mix by Young Male

September 2013

Stream an exclusive mix of White Material's WM004 12", by label co-founder Young Male aka Quinn Taylor. The Brooklyn based label is featured in The Wire 356 in an article by Rory Gibb.

Taylor says "what I wanted to hear most was the stuff my friends were making". White Material was started last year by Young Male, Galcher Lustwerk and DJ Richard, releasing 12"'s with hand stamped artwork featuring a worker up an electrical pylon linking up black cabling. "I thought it was a beautiful image of someone putting up power lines," says Taylor "connecting people to each other, connecting electricity to people."


Galcher Lustwerk
"By The Sea" (excerpt)

Alvin Aronsen
"Filterbank Test Edit 2"

Young Male
"Body Music"

White Material
"Put On"

White Material
"Lost In Thaw"

White Material

DJ Richard

White Material
"1 Does Not Know"