Tracks from Issue 353

Listen: Paul Metzger tracks

June 2013


Listen to three tracks by Metzger, who expands the vocabulary of the banjo, modifying it and filtering it through Hindustani classical music. Covered by Byron Coley in The Wire 353.

Tracks from Issue 353

Office Ambience #353

June 2013


Listen to some of the music that was played in The Wire HQ during the making of issue 353, July 2013. With tracks from Paul Metzger, Richard Pinhas, Don Cherry, The Siege Of Troy, Peter Jefferies, Legowelt and more.

Tracks from Issue 352

Listen: tracks from Newcastle, NSW

May 2013


Listen to a selection of tracks by artists featured in The Wire 352 Global Ear article on the no-brow Noise activities in Australia's Newcastle, with track notes by correspondent Cooper Bowman.

Tracks from Issue 351

Listen: Wolf Eyes tracks

April 2013


Listen to two Wolf Eyes tracks released on Mike Connelly's Gods Of Tundra label. Wolf Eyes are featured in an article by Marc Masters in The Wire 351.


Listen: Sounds of Ljubljana

April 2013


Stream a selection of tracks by musicians featured in Jonathan Knott's Global Ear article in The Wire 351 about music in Slovenia's capital city.

Tracks from Issue 351

Office Ambience #351

April 2013


Listen to a selection of tracks that Wire staffers have been playing over the past month, including sounds by Eliane Radigue, Om, Merzbow/Pandi/Gustafsson and more.

Tracks from Issue 350

Office Ambience #350

March 2013


Listen to tracks selected by The Wire staffers, played during the production of our April 2013. Tracks by Actress, Dennis Johnson, Ashley Paul and more.


Listen: Global Ear Honduras tracks

March 2013


Listen to a selection of tracks by musicians featured in Louise Morris's article about the DIY music scene in Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, featured in The Wire 349.

Tracks from Issue 349

Playlist: US hardcore Primer

March 2013


These bands could be your life! Stream a playlist based on Peter Shapiro's breakdown of the precision-drilled punk songs that came out of America's underground in the early 1980s, featured in The Wire 349.


Listen: Ergo Phizmiz's Omniumusik

February 2013


Stream the entirety of experimental radio collagist Ergo Phizmiz's Omniumusik, an unreleased album of music inspired by Flann O'Brien. Phizmiz is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 349.