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Listen: Exclusive MV&EE tracks

March 2014

Listen to two tracks by Matt Valentine and Erika Elder – a special mix of a track from a new release, and a recording of a recent live performance

Tracks from Issue 360

Office Ambience #360

January 2014

Stream some of the choice sounds and music that we've been playing at The Wire's London HQ during the making of our February 2014 issue.

Tracks from Issue 359

Office Ambience #359

December 2013

Stream some of the sounds that were played in The Wire office when we were putting together our January 2014 issue. Tracks by Astor, Captain Beefheart, Music For Shut-Ins, Księżyc, Stefan Jaworzyn and others

Tracks from Issue 358

Office Ambience #358

November 2013

Listen to a selection of tracks from the albums that we listened to during the production of The Wire 358 December issue.