Faster Than Sound: Christian Marclay & Roly Porter performance primers

September 2011

Two Faster Than Sound events take place at Snape Maltings in Suffolk this month, featuring The Wire 332 cover artist Christian Marclay with Steve Beresford, John Butcher, Mark Sanders, Alan Tomlinson and Suffolk Phoenix Brass on 1 October (4pm, £12), followed by Roly Porter (of Vex'd), Cynthia Millar and Rod Maclachlan on 29 October (6:30pm, £10).

Tracks from Issue 322

Teatime MP3s

November 2010

Listen to two tracks off Teatime, mid-1970s free improvisation from Garry Todd/Dave Solomon/John Russell/Nigel Coombes/Steve Beresford recently reissued by Emanem