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From Nation Time to management time

August 2015

Stevphen Shukaitis hears the continuing resonance of Joe McPhee’s Nation Time, his 1971 free jazz album rooted in the US black cultural nationalist movement of the 1960s and 70s, and McPhee's later interest in the ideas of management theorist Edward de Bono


Eye And I

July 2015

Mike Barnes joins Boredoms and 87 other cymbal players on stage at London’s Barbican – but not before experiencing a symbolic crisis of choice


Free Folk

December 2014

Helen Morris braves encroaching tides and shifting sands to attend the Fanø Free Folk Festival, and asks what – or who – “experimental folk” might be?


Derek Walmsley: Jazz Searches For The New Land

October 2014

From newly independent nations of Africa to locations in the Far East and remote cosmos, jazz from the mid-1950s onwards imagined liberation through distant places and spaces. In a new series, Derek Walmsley journeys through the sketches of these new worlds. First call: Lee Morgan's "Search For The New Land"