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In Conversation from Issue 343

Transcript: Penny Rimbaud

October 2014

Read a short extract from Phil England's four hour interview with Penny Rimbaud, on the suspicious death of underground figure Wally Hope, the Stonehenge Free festivals and the birth of Crass


Craig Leon: Ghost riding on Sirius B

October 2013

Since producing seminal albums by The Ramones, Suicide and Blondie, Craig Leon has had an active career in the music biz – from TV work and country recordings to his 1981 New Age synthesizer album for the Takoma label. He talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about his early stints in the studio and the vagaries of the archival reissue market.


Mohammad: Secrets and lyres

March 2013

As musicians at the forefront of the Athenian music scene, Coti K, Ilios and Nikos Veliotis triangulate drones, strings and oscillations. Sophia Ignatidou interviews the trio.

Interview from Issue 163

Local Hero

January 2011

The unedited transcript of Biba Kopf's interview with Robert Wyatt. A feature based on this interview appeared in issue #163 of The Wire

Interview from Issue 263

Noah Howard interview

September 2010

Read the unedited transcript of Phil Freeman's interview with free jazz saxophonist Noah Howard who died 3 September, 2010. An article based on this interview appeared in The Wire 263, January 2006


Matt Elliott

September 2010

Matt Elliott talks to Joseph Stannard about the Bristol DIY scene which produced his recently reactivated project, Third Eye Foundation, alongside Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent and Movietone, as discussed in The Wire 319's Retro-Activity feature.

Interview from Issue 318

Chicks On Speed

August 2010

Read an unedited transcript of Louise Gray's interview with Chicks On Speed, Dundee Contemporary Arts, 4–5 June, 2010.