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Portal: links for the aspiring hacker

March 2013


The Wire Salon in February – The Way Of The Hacker – brought together contemporary experimental musicians to discuss the practice of designing and building new audio interfaces. Here, two of the panelists, Tom Bugs and Sam Underwood spread online knowledge for hackers in training.

The Portal from Issue 349

Mats Gustafsson's Discaholic links

February 2013


Swedish power jazz dynamo and vinyl-addict Mats Gustafsson shares his six essential links for the burgeoning "discaholic". Gustafsson is on the cover of The Wire 349 in an article by Daniel Spicer.

The Portal from Issue 349

Ergo Phizmiz Portal

February 2013


Ergo Phizmiz's choice links of the web. The rogue collagist and radio artist is featured in an interview with Clive Bell for The Wire issue 349.

The Portal

Portal to Georgian sounds

February 2013


A selection of sonic impressions from the former Soviet republic of Georgia and its capital Tbilisi, selected by Matthew Collin, author of a Global Ear report on the city’s electronic music in The Wire 348.

The Portal from Issue 346

Links: follow Loki's Portal

November 2012


Follow Loki aka IX Tab aka Saxon's choice picks of the web. Loki is featured in Matthew Ingram's article on West Country electronic music makers in The Wire 346.

The Portal from Issue 345

Holly Herndon Portal

October 2012


Follow the musician Holly Herndon's top links of the web. Herndon is the subject of an article by Jennifer Lucy Allan in The Wire 345, her album, Movement is released by RVNG Intl on 15 November. She'll also be performing at the Unsound festival in Krakow, Poland on 18 October.

The Portal from Issue 343

Peter Strickland's Portal

August 2012


Follow film maker Peter Strickland's top choice of the web, including sites devoted to favourite Soviet bus stops, visual music and more. Strickland and his film Berberian Sound Studio are the subjects of an article by Daniel Spicer in The Wire 343.

The Portal from Issue 341

London Sound Survey Portal

July 2012


Read Ian Rawes of the London Sound Survey sound map website's top picks of web links. Rawes and the London Sound Survey are featured in The Wire 341 in an article by Nathan Budzinski.

The Portal

Bass Clef's Portal

May 2012


Follow Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef's top picks of the web. Cumbers is featured in The Wire 340 in an article by Joseph Stannard.

The Portal from Issue 339

Benedict Drew's Portal

April 2012


Follow artist and musician Benedict Drew's choice links to cartoons, music and other online ephemera. Drew is featured in The Wire 339 in an article by Nick Cain. Drew's Gliss exhibition takes place at London's Cell Project Space, 19 April–27 May.