The Portal from Issue 333

Paul Gilroy Portal

October 2011

Paul Gilroy's Epiphanies article on two 1970 performances from The Voices Of East Harlem choir at the Isle Of Wight Festival and Albert Hall is featured in The Wire 333. Gilroy's latest book is Darker Than Blue: On The Moral Economies Of Black Atlantic Culture (Harvard University Press). On the cusp of the 1990s Gilroy wrote about jazz-funk and fusion for The Wire, in reviews and a regular column called New Fusion.

The Portal from Issue 332

Militant Tuning Portal

September 2011

Philip Clark's Primer on Militant Tuning in The Wire 332 looks at how Just Intonation, microtones and overtones are used as secret weapons in the fightback against the sonic tyranny of equal temperament.

The Portal from Issue 330

Jan Anderzén Portal

August 2011

Jan Anderzén, the Finnish frontman of Kemialliset Ystävät and Tomutonttu is featured in The Wire 330 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Daniel Spicer. Anderzén's newest release is Nääksää nää mun kyyneleet by Tuusanuuskat, a collaboration between Tomutonttu and Es, aka Fonal Records’s Sami Sänpäkkilä.

The Portal from Issue 330

Global Ear: Kiev Portal

August 2011

The group are well-known in the Ukraine, and released their most recent album Dolce Vita in spring last year. They have been touring it for the last year across the Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe and America.

The Portal from Issue 330

Daphne Oram Portal

July 2011

Dan Wilson's article on Daphne Oram, co-founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and inventor of the Oramics machine, is in The Wire 330.

The Portal from Issue 328

Caroline Bergvall Portal

June 2011

"The powerful poet performer Anne Waldman reads her poem "Corset", a tribute to the life and work of the Russian born American anarchist revolutionary Emma Goldman in this live reading combined with historic footage: "And why we're never free of the imagination of J Edgar Hoover" and "Why am I daring to show my face"

The Portal from Issue 328

Global Ear: Hong Kong Portal

May 2011

"Based in Brookline, MA, and part-funded by the US National Endowment For The Humanities, Morning Sun is presented by the Independent TV Service and the Center For Asian American Media. One section offers period music, excerpts from feature films, the text of Mao's Little Red Book, personal diaries, and magazine articles; another focuses on the Mao cult. There are plentiful film-clips, music and images of the revolution."

This month's Global Ear on Hong Kong is co-authored by Andy Hamilton & James Steintrager.