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Adventures In Sound And Music 30 October 2014

October 2014

Our Thursday evening broadcast on Resonance FM gets horrific. This week Wire contributor and Outer Church founder Joseph Stannard joins Daisy Hyde in the studio to talk about his favourite horror film soundtracks

The Portal from Issue 323

Joseph Stannard's Horror Portal

December 2010

In addition to its atmosphere of ‘backwoods horror’ BMT’s recent album Black Goat Of The Woods (Aurora Borealis) exudes an air of cosmic menace which can be traced back to the Weird Fiction of Arthur Machen and HP Lovecraft, conjecturing an aesthetic located on the membranous threshold between Shub Niggurath and Gunnar Hansen.


Matt Elliott

September 2010

Matt Elliott talks to Joseph Stannard about the Bristol DIY scene which produced his recently reactivated project, Third Eye Foundation, alongside Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent and Movietone, as discussed in The Wire 319's Retro-Activity feature.