Current Issue 377

July 2015

On the cover: Mark Fell: The South Yorkshire producer injects ideology into dance music by narrowing house’s margins. By Dan Barrow. Plus: A user’s guide to the vast discography of Japan’s black clad mystery man Keiji Haino, The Norwegian jazz vocalist Karin Krog looks back on a 50 year career poised between tradition and innovation, Canadian sound artist crys cole, Insect Ark, the scene in Shenzhen, hundreds of albums, book and gigs reviewed, and much more

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Issue 376

June 2015

On the cover: Deep Cover The Wire’s contributors blow the cover on the musicians who work under alter egos, pseudonyms and secret identities, including reggae gunslingers, psychedelic cultists, punk miscreants, Mayan metalheads and more. Plus: Invisible Jukebox with Eugene Chadbourne, Finnish CD-R label Erikoisdance, Montreal composer Kara-Lis Coverdale, Nduduzo Makhathini and Tumi Mogorosi, hundreds of albums and books reviewed, and more

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Issue 375

May 2015

On the cover: Roscoe Mitchell: 50 years after the foundation of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, the Art Ensemble Of Chicago founder is still forging ahead. By Howard Mandel. Plus: The late US sculptor, designer and sound artist Harry Bertoia, Legowelt, RP Boo's Invisible Jukebox, Chris Hladowski, Brood Ma, hundreds of reviews and much more

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Issue 374

April 2015

+ The Wire Tapper 37

On the cover: Holly Herndon – the US sound artist and laptop auteur spreads the faith of the liberating potential of technology. A Primer on the maverick composer Moondog, Daniel Spicer on Brighton's outsider poets and musicians, Lightning Bolt take The Wire's Invisible Jukebox test, Isnaj Dui, Radiophrenia, Jlin and much more. Plus: our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire.

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Issue 373

March 2015

On the cover: Carter Tutti: Throbbing Gristle’s most enduring partnership is retrofitting its earliest recordings for the post-Industrial era. By David Keenan. Plus: Cecil McBee, Steve Coleman, Sleaford Mods Invisible Jukebox, Global Ear Mexico City, Mumdance, Sacred Tapes, Gil Evans's lost scores and WFMU film Sex And Broadcasting

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Issue 372

February 2015

On the cover: Mica Levi – From underground pop star to acclaimed film composer, the artist also known as Micachu is a modern polymath. By Frances Morgan. Plus: Derek Walmsley investigates the utopian ideals of the Red Bull Music Academy; Jack Law's Primer on Hiphop mixtapes; Novelist; Senyawa; Heather Phillipson, hundreds of reviews and much more

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Issue 371

January 2015

On the cover: 2014 Rewind: The Wire’s review of the last 12 months in underground music and audio culture, with 30 pages of charts, essays and reflections from critics and musicians guiding you through the releases, trends and debates of 2014. Plus: Japanese sound artist Rie Nakajima; Danish saxophonist Mette Rasmussen; rapper and producer Divine Styler; a Global Ear report from Bratislava; Nigerian artist Emeka Ogboh, hundreds of albums and tracks, books, films and more reviewed.

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Issue 370

December 2014

On the cover: Freedom Principles – The Wire’s contributors survey ideas of freedom in music and liberation in sound with 16 pages of essays on resistance songs, nonsense rhymes, trap rap, improv, karaoke and more. Plus: Eiko Ishibashi, Amarass records India’s folk legends, Laura Cannell, Bob Cobbing, Biba Kopf listens to the ancient songs of the Ainu people of Japan, hundreds of records, books and films reviewed, and more

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Issue 369

November 2014

+ The Wire Tapper 36

On the cover: The Newcastle singer and guitarist Richard Dawson weaves his songs from the landscapes and social histories of North East England. By Abi Bliss; the multi-instrumentalist and artist Alfred 23 Harth; Cooly G takes the Invisible Jukebox test; a Primer on Autechre remixes; composer Moniek Darge; Kenny Wheeler remembered; Katie Gately; Ascetic House; Selvhenter and more. Plus hundreds of releases, gigs, books and films reviewed. AND our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire

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Issue 368

October 2014

On the cover: Robert Fripp: The King Crimson guitarist talks to Mike Barnes about the ongoing saga of the reformed group and the legacy of their vast archives. Inside: David Keenan on Pharmakon aka Margaret Chardiet’s visceral electronic music; artist and master inventor Bruce Lacey; Grumbling Fur take the Invisible Jukebox test; Adam Bohman's surreal sonic and visual collages; The Tuareg singer and guitarist Mdou Moctar; Jeremiah Cymerman; Gazelle Twin. Plus: hundreds of albums, gigs, films and books reviewed, and much more.

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Issue 367

September 2014

On the cover: Dean Blunt: David Keenan talks black metal, free jazz and life after Hype Williams with East London’s shapeshifting samplist. David Rosenboom: From brainwaves to stellar oscillations, the US composer finds sonic inspiration in all possible worlds. Phil Freeman's Primer on the career of the freewheeling saxophonist, Pharoah Sanders. Plus: Justin Broadrick's Invisible Jukebox, Jad Fair's Inner Sleeve, London grime producer Slackk, Brooklyn's Sound And Chaos studio, Drew Mulholland, Catherine Lamb, heaps of reviews, news and more.

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Issue 366

August 2014

+ The Wire Tapper 35

On the cover: St Vincent: The Tulsa born guitarist and songwriter’s restless anxiety derails and undermines conventional songforms – by Joseph Stannard. Andy Hamilton speaks with electronic music pioneer Trevor Wishart, Rory Gibb interviews London producer Lee Gamble, Bernie Krause's Invisible Jukebox, plus Filastine, Günter Schickert, Huddersfield sound systems and much more – not to forget hundreds of albums, downloads, videos and books reviewed. Plus: our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire.

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