Issue 117

November 1993

On The Cover: The Cocteau Twins

Features: Al Green, Arvo Part, McKoy, Edward Vesala, Kippie Moeketsi, Eugene Chadbourne, Holger Czukay, Band Of Susans

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Issue 116

October 1993

ON THE COVER: Paul Weller

FEATURES: Dead Can Dance, Bootsy, Guitar Abusers: Hendrix, Zappa, Clapton; Django Bates, Catalyst, Royal Trux

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Issue 114

August 1993

On The Cover: Björk

Features: Lydia Lunch, En Vogue, Mica Paris, Riot Grrrl, Moonshake, Steve Reich, Franz Koglmann, Velvet Underground, Little Annie, Women in Pre-60s Pop, Odaline De La Martinez.

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Issue 113

July 1993

ON THE COVER: Music And The American Dream Revealed, Searching For The United States Of Sound, Frontiers, Freedom And Finding Ourselves

FEATURES: Prince, Grateful Dead, Wynton Marsalis, Lester Bowie, Michael Nyman, Ambient A-Z

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Issue 112

June 1993

ON THE COVER: Music In The Realm Of Bodily Desire, Sexual Drive in Rhythm And Melody, Sound As It Arouses and Seduces

FEATURES: Marvin Gaye, Riot Grrrl, Gay Disco, Torch Songs, Orbital, Red House Painters, Jan Garbarek, Jack Bruce

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Issue 111

May 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and the days of rage, how the world turned upside down and how the beat changed with it

FEATURES: The Fall, Daniel Lanois, Stan Tracey, Suede, Sugar, Shepp, Braxton, Brotzmann

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Issue 110

April 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and Censorship everywhere, what sounds will they let us hear? taking stock of the clampdown

FEATURES: Ice T, Ice Cube, Paris, NWA, John Zorn, Don Byron, Ennio Morricone, Coldcut, Metal and Islam, Jazz at the BBC, Philip Glass's "Low"

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Issue 109

March 1993

ON THE COVER: If Music That Matters Has To Pay Its Way, Who Loses? Is Pop Art Still The Answer To marketing Difficult Ideas? No Sell Out! - We Consider Significant New Trends

FEATURES: Living Colour, Don Pullen, Guns 'N' Roses, Geto Boys: Greil Marcus on rock reborn

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Issue 108

February 1993

ON THE COVER: Music - The Endless Quest For Truth, Lone Visionaries And Rogue Elements, Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum

FEATURES: Bill Frisell, Sonic Youth, Peter Brotzmann, Gil Scott-Heron, Hermeto Pascoal, Faust, John Cale

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Issue 106

January 1993

ON THE COVER: Lifestyle, Leisure, Music For Pleasure

FEATURES: Neneh Cherry, Courtney Pine, Olivier Messaien, Critics Poll, A History Of Clubland

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