Issue 142

December 1995

On The Cover: Durutti Column

Features: Electronica - mapping the new global network, John Oswald, John Barry, Don Cherry, Robert Wyatt's jukebox

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Issue 141

November 1995

Cover Story: Marc Almond

Features: Stockhausen - versus the Tecnocrats; Space Rock Stateside - Tortoise, Labradford, Jon Spencer; Jaz Coleman - Orchestral Manoeuvres; Eddie Palmieri, Andrew Poppy, Wayne Shorter, Mark Isham

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Issue 139

September 1995

On The Cover: Brian Eno

Features: China: Rock under the Red Flag; :zoviet*france:, Skylab, Steve Williamson, George Clinton: Mothership Conspirator; Theremin and the Dawn of Electronics; Martin Rev

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Issue 138

August 1995

ON THE COVER: DJ Spook - the subliminal kid

FEATURES: Ry Cooder, Pere Ubu, Joujouka, 4 hero, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Peter Hamill's jukebox

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Issue 136

June 1995

ON THE COVER: Natasha Atlas

FEATURES: MC5 meets Sun Ra, Laurie Anderson, Roni Size, Dillinja, Future Sound Of London, Iannis Xenakis, Techno Animal, Kip Hanrahan, Elliott Sharp

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Issue 135

May 1995

On The Cover: Scott Walker - The Hunter's Return

Features: Lee Perry - Original Dub Mystic; Terry Riley - Man-Machine Mantras, Guide to Independent Labels part two; Anne Dudley's Jukebox, Mercury Rev, Robert Musso, Wagon Christ, Joe Carducci, Kevin Volans, In praise of stupidity

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Issue 134

April 1995

ATTACHED TO THE COVER: Free Supplement - Sonic Youth and the Noise of New York

ON THE COVER: Aphex Twin - Lucid Dreamer

FEATURES: Mark E Smith's Jukebox, A-Z of Prog Rock part two, Guide to Independent Labels, Cuba's Sonic Voodoo, Morton Feldman's rebirth, Tortoise, Coil, Arthur Russell

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Issue 133

March 1995

On The Cover: Tricky - Sex, Soul & Technology

Features: A-Z of Progressive Rock, Allen Ginsberg, Disobey in New York, New Auras in London, Elevator Music, Carl Craig, Mike Watt, David S Ware

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Issue 131

January 1995

On The Cover: New directions in electronic music: Global Communication, Black Dog, Bedouin Ascent and new complexity techno

Features: 1994 Revisited: Essential Records Of The Year, John Peel's Jukebox, Julian Cope on Can, Ornette Coleman

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