Issue 166

December 1997

ON THE COVER: Alec Empire - Geist In The Machine

FEATURES: Bootsy Collins's jukebox, Cyro Baptista, Company Flow, Tim Berne, La Monte Young, Hariprasad, Chaurasia, Neurofunk flavas, The Grateful Dead, Alec Empire

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Issue 165

November 1997

ON THE COVER: Jim O'Rourke - Underground Renaissance

FEATURES: Oskar Sala, Butch Morris, Faust, Ansuman Biswas, J Saul Kane, Hal Willner, 4 Hero's Jukebox

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Issue 164

October 1997

ON THE COVER: Plaid - electro-lite fixtures

FEATURES: Graham Haynes, Neubauten, Stereolab's jukebox, Yusef Lateef, Pauline Oliveros, To Rococo Rot, Spread The Virus: William Burroughs infects the world of music

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Issue 162

August 1997

ON THE COVER: Vienna Tones - Pulsinger & Tunakan, Cheap, Mego, Sabotage and Austria's digital underground

FEATURES: Charles Heyward, Liquid Liquid, Haruomi Hosono, Arto Lindsay, Mark Cunningham, Cristoph Heemann, Surgeon

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Issue 161

July 1997

ON THE COVER: Juan Atkins - Motor City Magus

FEATURES: Adrian Sherwood's jukebox, Kenny Wheeler, Origin Unknown, Brian Eno, John cage, Mark The 45 King

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Issue 160

June 1997

ON THE COVER: Nurse With Wound - exiled from main street

FEATURES: Pierre Henry, AR Rahman, As One, John Russell, Workshop, Ivor Cutler's Jukebox

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Issue 159

May 1997

ON THE COVER: Photek - Suburban Samurai

FEATURES: Robert Fripp, Jeff Mills, Ennio Morricone, Merzbow, Tipsy, Third Eye Foundation, Sonic Boom's Invisible Jukebox

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Issue 158

April 1997

ON THE COVER: Can - Future day dreamers Exclusive Cologne interview

FEATURES: Jah Wobble's Jukebox, Myra Melford, Roy Montgomery, Chris Cutler, DJ Vadim, Bandalu

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Issue 157

March 1997

On The Cover: Panasonic and the warped world of weird audio

Features: ESP-Disk, Laika, Bill Drummond, Airo Moreira's jukebox, Jungle Brothers, Underdog, Metamkine

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Issue 155

January 1997

On The Cover: 96 Rewind - Records of the year: charting 12 months of underground music activity

Features: Laibach, Khan & Jammin' Unit, Prince Paul, Harold Budd's Jukebox, Dom & Roland, John White, Kreidler, Nippon noise squad

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