Issue 178

December 1998

On The Cover: Portishead - Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley in "The Best Interview We Ever Did"

Features: Derek Bailey's Jukebox; LaMonte Young meets Pullp's Mark Webber - an epic, exclusive encounter; Timbaland - hiphop hooray; Marc Ribot - guitar for hire; Jeff Noon's epiphany; Frederic Galliano, Jarboe, New radio art

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Issue 177

November 1998

+ The Wire Tapper 02

On The Cover: Björk - In Reykjavik, the ice queen of avant pop talks to Louise Gray about the 'soulful experimentalists', from Stockhausen to 808 State, that keep her world turning

Features: Eugene Chadbourne, Squarepusher's Jukebox, The Primer: James Brown; Thomas Fehlmann, Alan Licht, Tied & Tickled Trio, John Mayer, Bob Dylan

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Issue 176

October 1998

ON THE COVER: Harder! Faster! Louder! - Electronica's new extremists: V/VM, Speedranch, Skam, Matthew Harden, Fat Cat and more!

FEATURES: Ravi Coltrane, Chris Watson, Tom Hodgkinson, Underground Soundtracks, Toru Takemitsu, Derrick May's Jukebox, Bernard Parmegiani

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Issue 175

September 1998

On The Cover: 100 Records That Set The World On Fire: Our antidote to everyone's Best Of The Century' lists. We polled our writers to vote for the 100 records that should have ignited the world's imagination - but somehow got forgotten along the way

Features: Grooverider, Coil, The Sound Of Utopia, Ircam, Damo Suzuki, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Mantronix, Ken Kesey's jukebox

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Issue 174

August 1998

ON THE COVER: John Fahey - Music In The Raw

FEATURES: Herbie Hancock, Talvin Singh's jukebox, Hawaiian Apocalypse, Musique Concrete, Arnold Dreyblatt, James Ruskin, Ganger, Alice Coltrane, Kraftwerk

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Issue 173

July 1998

ON THE COVER: Lydia Lunch - Season Of The Witch

FEATURES: Spiritualized's jukebox, Dr John, Ken Vandermark, Pluramon, Max Brennan, Ivo Perelman, Aube, Barry Adamson & Philip Glass

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Issue 172

June 1998

ON THE COVER: John Martyn - The Man Who Fell To Earth

FEATURES: Richie Hawtin, P-Funk, Sun City Girls. Jesus & Mary Chain's Jukebox, Gary Lucas, Ikue Mori, Don Byron, Cut Chemist, Brian Eno

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Issue 171

May 1998

On The Cover: Sonic Youth - Boom times in NYC

Inside: Savage Pencil Postcards - Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Grateful Dead, Beefheart

Features: Robert Moog - the doctor is in; Blood Ulmer - the return of Capt Black; LTJ Bukem's Jukebox, The Fall in New York; Nonplace Urban Field in Auckland; Royal Trux, Slapp Happy, B12

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Issue 170

April 1998

+ The Wire Tapper 01

On The Cover: Tony Conrad. Without the Buffalo violinist there would have been no Velvet Underground. Richard Henderson meets the Minimalist drone king who discovered a whole new musical universe in a single note

Features: The Primer: Captain Beefheart, Phuture, The Creators, David Thomas's Jukebox, Charles Bullen, The Pastels, Death Songs, Global Ear: Siberia, Jan Kopinski, Loren Mazzacane Connors, The Secret History of Film Music

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Issue 169

March 1998

ON THE COVER: Future Sound Of Berlin - Moving on with Porter Ricks, Chain Reaction, Vainqueur, Monolake, Substance & Various Artists

FEATURES: Terry Callier, Suicide's jukebox, Fela Kuti, Buckethead, Toshinori Kondo, Panacea, Le Quan Ninh, Autechre & Aphex Twin

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Issue 168

February 1998

On The Cover: Matthew Shipp - Pushing the Boat Out

Features: Fred Frith, Lalo Schifrin, The Primer: Field Recordings, Julian Cope's jukebox, Hugh Davies, Req, Kevin Ayers, Tortoise & Mouse On Mars, Holger Hiller

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Issue 167

January 1998

ON THE COVER: 97 Rewind - Charting 12 months of essential music with Autechre, Mouse On Mars, John Fahey, Evan Parker, Porter Ricks, Robert Wyatt and more

FEATURES: Mark Hollis, Mati Klarwein, Tortoise Invisible Jukebox, Drexciya, Ralf Wehowsky, Add N To X, Morgan Geist, Xenakis

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