Issue 190

December 1999

ON THE COVER: Diamanda Galas - A Plague On All Your Houses

FEATURES: Mark Perry, Angus MacLise, Caetano Veloso's Jukebox, Matt Herbert, Jessica Bailiff, DJ Scud, Giya Kancheli,

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Issue 189

November 1999

+ Domino On The Wire

On The Cover: Iggy Pop - 25 years after The Stooges' demise, their raw rock noise has lost none of its power. Now living in Miami, Iggy reflects on their legacy, and the release of his best album in years. By Edwin Pouncey

Features: Lee Konitz's Invisible Jukebox, People Like Us, Pelt, Kevin Drumm, Lee Perry Primer, Undercurrents #11: Generation Ecstasy

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Issue 187

September 1999

On The Cover: Gang Starr - The ten-year HipHop reign of DJ Premier and Guru has seen their dextrous cut-ups and content enriched raps become a touchstone for producers worldwide. By Sasha Frere-Jones

Features: Undercurrents #9: Automating The Beat; Ectomorph, Joe Gallivan, FX Randomiz, Invisible Jukebox: John Paul Jones, Augustus Pablo

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Issue 186

August 1999

On The Cover: Scanner: For a multimedia mogul such as Robin Rimbaud, music is just another node in a complex web of collaborative activity that defines the democratic processes of the digital world. By Rob Young

Features: Tony Oxley, The Primer: Japanese Psychedelia, Sound Art, Blixa Bargeld's Jukebox, Piano Magic, Plug Research, The Last Poets

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Issue 184

June 1999

ON THE COVER: Stockhausen - Interstellar Fugitive

FEATURES: Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Dusseldorf, The Dead C, Tropicalia, Ozomatli, David Toop on Fela Kuti, Stock, Hausen & Walkman's Jukebox, Solid Eye

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Issue 183

May 1999

ON THE COVER: Mark E Smith - The Fall Will Rise Again

FEATURES: Alec Empire's Jukebox, Peter Thomas, Undercurrents 5: The Music of Chance, A Certain Frank, Stuart Dempster, Can Live

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Issue 182

April 1999

+ The Wire Tapper 03

On The Cover: Arto Lindsay - Working alongside the great Brazilian singer Vinicius Cantuaria, the former No Wave guitar hero is reinventing bossa nova as a lifestyle soundtrack for rootless cosmopolitans everywhere. By David Toop

Features: Genesis P-Orridge, Luc Ferrari, Rhys Chatham, Natacha Atlas's Jukebox, Captain Beefheart, Robin Rimbaud on Glenn Branca, Vinicius Cantuaria, Undercurrents #4: Listening Aids, Simon Reynolds on two-step Garage

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Issue 181

March 1999

ON THE COVER: Nick Cave - Death Row Confessions

FEATURES: Maryanne Amacher, Fennesz, Joe Morris, Shiv Kumar Sharma, Kevin Shields, Ornette Coleman, Pan Sonic

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Issue 180

February 1999

ON THE COVER: Terre Thaemlitz - Rewiring the Man-Machine

FEATURES: Autechre's Jukebox, Will Oldham, David S Ware, Michael Finnissy, Todd Rundgren, Martin Tetreault

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Issue 179

January 1999

ON THE COVER: David Sylvian - The Occidental Tourist

FEATURES: John Cale, Mayo Thompson, Einsturzende Neubauten, Harry Partch, Pierre Henry, Jim O'Rourke,

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