Issue 202

December 2000

ON THE COVER: Zakir Hussain - In Shakti, the West Coast based percussion virtuoso established the tabla as a frontline solo instrument. Now he's conducting East-West summits with Mickey Hart, Talvin Singh, Bill Laswell and more. By Richard Henderson

FEATURES: Christian Wolff, HIM, Invisible Jukebox: Otomo Yoshihide, Primer: British Folk, Beta Bodega Coalition, Rob Ellis, Bill Wells

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Issue 201

November 2000

ON THE COVER: Chicago Stories - David Keenan flies to the Windy City to investigate the post-rock and avant jazz of Rob Mazurek and his Isotope 217 mob, and traces a web of connections from the AACM to Tortoise

FEATURES: Sainkho Namtchylak, Dan the Automator, Tangent: Walls of sound: a survey of sonic architects, Invisible Jukebox: Add N To (X), Janek Schafer

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Issue 199

September 2000

On The Cover: Royal Trux. These tramps were born to burn: Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema pour their shared affinity for scuzzy art, musique concrete and harmolodics into high-octane trailerpark rock noise. By Edwin Pouncey

Features: Burnt Friedman, Francisco Lopez, Sunny Murray's Jukebox, Tangents #2: Back To The Roots, Luther Blissett, Joseph Suchy, Lois V Vierk

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Issue 197

July 2000

ON THE COVER: Tongue-twisting with Anti-Pop Consortium, Mike Ladd, Sonic Sum, Dose One

FEATURES: Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Parliament, Hawkwind, William Hooker, Toshimaru Nakamra, Reynols, Kim Gordon's Jukebox, 23 Skidoo

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Issue 195

May 2000

On The Cover: As London's Hayward Gallery hosts the largest retrospective of sonic art the UK has ever seen, we present a guide to the visualisation of multiple, hybrid soundworlds

Features: Brian Eno, Christian Marclay, Evan Parker's Jukebox, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Laurie Anderson, Dylan Group, Iain Ballamy

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Issue 194

April 2000

ON THE COVER: Coil - Beginning To See The Light

FEATURES: Morton Subotnick, Sussan Deyhim's Jukebox, Einsturzende Neubauten, Gunter Muller, Kid-606, Kim Cascone

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Issue 192

February 2000

ON THE COVER: Quannam projects: DJ Shadow, Blackalicious, Latyrx

FEATURES: Lemmy's Jukebox, Kid Koala, Ultra-Red, Scott Walker, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jonathan Harvey, Pierre Henry, Talvin Singh, Tom Verlaine, Mike Kelley

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