Issue 226

December 2002

ON THE COVER: Jackie-O Motherfucker - From their base in America's far North West, the ramshackle free rock collective has developed a liberating aesthetic of harmonious noise as a bulwark against the forcces of conservatism and commodification. By Edwin Pouncey

FEATURES: Keith Levene, Erstwhile in Tokyo, Invisible Jukebox: Kevin Ayers, Acoustic Ecology, Hrvatski, Fursaxa, Soft Pink Truth, Beth Gibbons, Tony Conrad & Faust, Mark E Smith

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Issue 225

November 2002

+ The Wire Tapper 09 (this CD is no longer available)

ON THE COVER: 20th Anniversary Issue - We made it. In this ten page special anniversary feature, we leaf though two decades of this magazine's back pages to hear how we kept on an even keel in choppy musical and financial seas

FEATURES: Anticon, No Wave Primer, Invisible Jukebox: Steve Lacy, Kimmo Pohjonen, Annette Krebs, Steve Mackey

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Issue 224

October 2002

ON THE COVER: Suicide - Blank indifference, riotous mobs: for 30 years Alan Vega and Martin Rev have survived them all. In New York, Alan Licht hears how their latest album American Supreme ties up the loose ends separating proto-punk and electroclash

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Tony Allen, John Stevens, Mr Lif, Video Arcadia, Alan Lomax, Deerhoof, Jazzkammer, BARK!, Hiener Goebbels, Derek Bailey

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Issue 223

September 2002

ON THE COVER: Boredoms - Yamataka Eye and Yoshimi P-We's 16 year old avant institution has a new lease of life. They tell Edwin Pouncey how they've streamlined their anarchic punk into a disciplined percussion frenzy... by turning the group into a turntable

FEATURES: Atom Heart, Invisible Jukebox: Charlemagne Palestine, Primer: Miami Bass, Yasunao Tone, Earle Brown, Cheb i Sabbah, Eliane Radigue, Mike Westbrook, Ladyfest, Zappanale, RJD22

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Issue 222

August 2002

ON THE COVER: Tom Waits - Barfly, beatnik, hobo, hipster, Weimar cabaret singer, Stallone co-star, Harry Partch fan: the chronicler of the American underbelly has been playing confidence games with his identity and music since the 70s. By Phil Freeman

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Arthur Lee, William Parker, Lou Harrison, Leif Elggren & CM Von Hausswolff, To Live & Shave In LA, Boom Bip, Tchad Blake, Kevin Drumm, Peter Hammill, Sonic Process

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Issue 221

July 2002

ON THE COVER: Keiji Haino - Alan Cummings penetrates the universal consciousness of the Tokyo shaman, who has conducted a 30 year quest to outdo the Big Bang with his Fushitsusha and Aihiyo groups, solo guitar noise, percussion rituals and DJ sets

FEATURES: John Coltrane, Primer: Nurse With Wound, Wordsound, Philip Jeck, Invisible Jukebox: Simon Fisher Turner, DJ /Rupture, Goodiepal, DJ Spooky, Peter Brötzmann, Musique Actuelle

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Issue 220

June 2002

ON THE COVER: DJ Shadow - In pursuance of the pure HipHop strain on his new Private Press LP, the retiring Californian beatmaster has stood back from the brink of superstardom to keep his melancholy variant on instrumental cut-ups keen. By Hua Hsu

FEATURES: Frederic Rzewski, Invisible Jukebox: Super_Collider, Bernhard Günter, Susie Ibarra, The People Band, Murcof, The Sealed Knot, Taj Mahal Travellers, Otomo Yoshihide, Sonic Youth, Zeitkratzer & Lou Reed, Vincent Gallo, Coil

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Issue 219

May 2002

ON THE COVER: John Oswald - Canada's prince of plunderphonia recalls his battles with the majors for his artistic right to reclaim his sound environment from the noise pollution of pop by recycling it through his plunderphonics system. By David Keenan

FEATURES: Shirley Collins, The Fall, Invisible Jukebox: El-P, Hillbillies, The Primer: The Old, Weird America, Jewelled Antler Collective, Mission of Burma, Mick Beck, Vinko Globokar

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Issue 218

April 2002

ON THE COVER: Alice Coltrane - In an exclusive interview at her California home, Edwin Pouncey explores the cosmic jazz legend's ongoing quest for universal consciousness, from her part in Coltrane's ecstatic jazz through an illustrious solo career

FEATURES: Steve Beresford, Invisible Jukebox: David Grubbs, Bootlegs & plagiarhythms, Rebuilding Berlin Techno, Taylor Dupree, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunn 0))), Boards of Canada, Antipop Consortium, Reynols, Vinko Globokar, Frank Zappa

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Issue 217

March 2002

ON THE COVER: Sonic Youth - Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo talk through their involvement with the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Los Angeles, and dispense the secrets of eternal Youth. By Christoph Cox

FEATURES: Sam Rivers, Invisible Jukebox: Steinski, Christof Migone, Marc Almond, Rocket From the Tombs, Thomas Brinkmann, John Zorn, Bohman Brothers, Oslo's new Improv set, Thomas Buckner, Musée Mécanique, Cex

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Issue 216

February 2002

ON THE COVER: Richard Hell - 25 years after defining punk's blank generation with Television and The Voidods, New York City's underworld chief has amassed a significant body of writing and poetry, but the freewheeling instinct remains strong. By Alan Licht

FEATURES: Gordon Mumma, Invisible Jukebox: Joëlle Léandre, Tangent: Music's lunatic fringe, Keith Rowe in Central Africa, Maxime De La Rochefoucauld, Rhythm And Sound, Gary Lucas on Florian Fricke, Keiji Haino's all night flight, Laub, Lydia Lunch, Fog

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Issue 215

January 2002

+ The Wire Tapper 08

ON THE COVER: Le Tigre - With roots in Riot Grrl but advancing into electropunk, IDM, and interventionist art, Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman and JD Sampson's trio are agitating at ground zero of a female music explosion. By Joy Press

STUCK TO THE COVER: The Wire Tapper 8 - Our series of free new music compilations continues with new work from artists including Fog, Set Fire To Flames, Noxagt, 23 Skidoo, Cornelius, Xinlisupreme and many more

FEATURES: Cabaret Voltaire, Don Letts, 2001 Rewind, Badawi, Zeitkratzer, Sand, No-Neck Blues Band, Coil, Cornelius, Uri Caine, Evan Parker, Nobukazu Takemura, John Cale, Australian post-punk

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