Issue 285

November 2007

Underground Resistance founder 'Mad' Mike Banks explains campaign strategy to Mark Fisher. Plus interviews with Loren Connors, Russel Haswell and Sonny Simmons; JG Thirlwell's Jukebox, Thurston Moore's Inner Sleeve, Juneau/Projects/ in Cross Platform plus our 22-page Reviews section, Epiphanies, Global Ear, Savage Pencil's Trip Or Squeek and more

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Issue 284

October 2007

+ The Wire Tapper 18

Stuck To The Cover: The Wire Tapper 18 - The latest volume in our ongoing series of new music compilations

On The Cover: Robert Wyatt - In a revealing interview, the garrulous singer and his wife Alfreda Benge discuss the troubled backdrop to his latest album Comicopera. By David Toop

Features: Han Bennink's Invisible Jukebox, Oxbow, Once Upon A Time In Bristol, Walter & Sabrina, Shape Of Broad Minds, The Bug, Ute Wassermann

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Issue 283

September 2007

On The Cover: PJ Harvey: - Moving back to her homeland Dorset's chalky soil prompted alt rock's 50 Foot Queenie to recast her death-rattle songs as skeletal piano dirges. By David Stubbs

Oren Ambarchi, Charlotte Moorman, Paul Bley, Invisible Jukebox: Sir Richard Bishop, Cross Platform: Daft Punk, Starving Weirdos, Trim, Lost In Hildurness

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Issue 282

August 2007

On The Cover: Ricardo Villalobos. The red-eyed Chilean DJ and Techno producer has become the toast of Berlin's minimal scene, with four-hour sets and disorientating beatdowns. By Philip Sherburne

Features: The Primer: British Psych-Folk, Whitehouse, Cross Platform: Laurie Anderson, Invisible Jukebox: Jonathan Harvey, Matthew Dear, Axolotl

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Issue 281

July 2007

On The Cover: Throbbing Gristle - The four "wreckers of civilisation" return with their first new material since breaking up in 1981. David Stubbs finds out how their uncompromising stance has matured

Features: Keijo, Robin Williamson, Invisible Jukebox: Peter Rehberg, Daniel AIU Higgs, Skull Disco, Cross Platform: Mathieu Brand

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Issue 280

June 2007

On The Cover: Grime's self-appointed Eskimo king invites Derek Walmsley into his Roll Deep Studio to explain how his blizzard of beats and rhymes gathers momentum in East London's streets

Features: The Sea And Cake, Invisible Jukebox: Neil Campbell, Kassin + Moreno + Domenico, Cross Platform: Modified Toy Orchestra, Tomas Korber, Jozef van Wissem, Zavoloka

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Issue 279

May 2007

+ The Wire Tapper 17

On the cover: Von Südenfed - Mark E Smith and Mouse On Mars's new project is not so much a collaboration as a shotgun wedding marrying digital mayhem with cantankerous interventions. By David Stubbs

Stuck on the cover: The latest volume in our ongoing series of new music compilations, The Wire Tapper 17 is given away free with all copies of The Wire 279, May 2007

Features: Evan Parker, Dubstep Primer, Rhys Chatham's Jukebox, Derek Jarman in Cross Platform, Strategy, Sylvie Courvoisier, Carlos Giffoni

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Issue 278

April 2007

On The Cover: Terry Riley
The pioneer of 1960s American minimalism reveals the range of his interests, from his Irish and Italian roots to Indian ragas and space music for NASA. By Richard Henderson

Features: Maja Ratkje; Invisible Jukebox: The Dead C; Eyeless In Gaza; Aufgehoben; Islaja; Michio Kurihara; Cross Platform: Hal Rammel

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Issue 277

March 2007

ON THE COVER: Nick Cave's revitalised cowboy outfit draws its rock power from improvisation, Warren Ellis's violin loops and the spirit of ecstatic jazz. By Keith Moliné

FEATURES: Peter Hammill; Once Upon A Time In Cairo; Invisible Jukebox: Rachid Taha; Paul Burwell 1949-2007; Robert Horton; Polly Shang Kuan Band; Cross Platform: Ray Lee

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Issue 276

February 2007

ON THE COVER: Seismic Performances: 60 Concerts That Shook The World! From gigs in defunct power stations to New York squats and Siberian festivals, The Wire's team of writers remember the performances that changed their lives

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Bert Jansch; The Primer: Adrian Sherwood & On-U Sound; Cross Platform: Shinro Ohtake; Infinite Livez, Richard Skelton, Alan Vega

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Issue 275

January 2007

ON THE COVER: The Wire’s review of the year’s best music, including Top 50 Records Of The Year, writers’ and musicians’ reflections, and surveys of the state of sonic art in 2006

FEATURES: Matt Valentine & Erika Elder, Faust, Gary Smith, Carla Kihlstedt, Peter Evans, Strange Attractor

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