Issue 322

December 2010

On The Cover: The Skull Disco co-founder has survived his Soundboy’s Suicide Note and moved to Berlin to craft his apocalyptic beat visions. By Derek Walmsley. Plus: Scientist, Nam June Paik, William Bennett's Invisible Jukebox, Jon Mueller, Shabazz Palaces, Vomir, Global Ear: Budapest & Pécs, Cross Platform: Charlie Morrow and much more

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Issue 321

November 2010

On The Cover: Nothing is real, everything is permitted, says the Irish composer and sonic artist, from within a maze of aliases and false identities. By Philip Clark. Plus: Wim Mertens, a two part Drexciya special, John Tilbury's Invisible Jukebox, Global Ear: Beirut, Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer and much more

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Issue 320

October 2010

+ The Wire Tapper 24

On The Cover: Knut Aufermann surveys a decade-long boom in creative broadcasting, including subversive stations, sound art, wireless festivals, flash mobbing and more. Stuck To The Cover: Wire Tapper 24 - free 20-track CD featuring Callers, Yann Novak & Robert Crouch, Gentleforce, Gerritt Wittmer, Macaw and more. Plus: Mike Watt's Invisible Jukebox, the Los Angeles Free Music Society, Catherine Christer Hennix, Matt Stokes, Anne-James Chaton, entr'acte and more

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Issue 319

September 2010

+ ROOM40

On the cover: Retro-Activity – A survey of the past percolating into present-day music, from Hypnagogic pop to samizdat reissues, analogue synthesis, creative quotation and more. Plus: Paul Burwell, Graham Simpson, Mordant Music's Invisible Jukebox, Aura Satz, Cindytalk, Odd Future, LA Vampires

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Issue 318

August 2010

On the cover: Chris Watson - Ken Hollings meets the sound recordist and Cabaret Voltaire founder whose mic penetrates the wild places humans can't reach. Plus: Howard Riley, Surgeon, Chicks On Speed, Rhodri Davies's Invisible Jukebox, Peter Shapiro on Cosmic Disco, Julian Lynch, Helena Gough, Terror Danjah

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Issue 317

July 2010

+ Exploratory Music From Poland vol. 2

On The Cover: The Bug - Kevin Martin talks Lisa Blanning through his many metamorphoses, from God's car-crash Improv to King Midas Sound's dread-infused dancehall. Plus: Oneohtrix Point Never's Invisible Jukebox, Chrome Hoof, Poland's hidden reverse, DJ Nate, Michael Pisaro, Konx-Om-Pax in Cross Platform, David Toop on John Latham, Alex Neilson on Frank Sinatra, Alan Moore and more

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Issue 316

June 2010

+ 75: Edition Contemporary Music CD

On The Cover: Felix Kubin - The Hamburg cosmonaut repurposes dada, Neue Deutsche Welle, communist anthems and more for his music, films and radiophonic plays. By Momus. Plus Carsten Nicolai, Hudson Mohawke's Jukebox, Actress, Demdike Stare, Rangers, Carlos Casas in Cross Platform, Graham Duff on Wire, Oval, Chicks On Speed, Zwischenwelt, The A Band and more

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Issue 315

May 2010

On The Cover: Excepter - Electronic body music and consciousness-altering improvised marathons collide in this Brooklyn sextet’s discordian disco noise. By Phil Freeman. Plus Daniel Carter, Sweet Seoul Music, August Darnell's Jukebox, Jahtari, Lil B, Toro Y Moi, Craig Baldwin in Cross Platform, Aaron Dilloway on Drunks With Guns, John Wiese on the Haters, Virgo and more

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Issue 314

April 2010

+ The Wire Tapper 23

On The Cover: Konono No 1 - In Kinshasa, Nick Richardson meets the group who amplified the African thumb piano and their extended 'Congotronics' family, including Kasai Allstars. Stuck To The Cover: Wire Tapper 23 - free 20-track CD featuring The A Band, Raymond Dijkstra, Rolf Julius and more. Plus: Joanna Newsom's Invisible Jukebox, Giacinto Scelsi Primer, Edgard Varèse, Eleh, DJ Stringray, Stefan Goldmann, The Gaslamp Killer and more

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Issue 313

March 2010

+ Café Concrete

On the cover: Caledonia dreaming: How Glasgow has become the UK's experimental free folk capital, with Alasdair Roberts, Trembling Bells, The Family Elan and more. By Rob Young. Plus Marina Rosenfeld, The Thirteenth Assembly, The Moodies, Dylan Nyoukis's Invisible Jukebox, Geiom, Sebastian Lexer, Yabby You, Céleste Boursier-Mougenot in Cross Platform, Alan Moore on John Clare, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard on Adam And The Ants and more...

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Issue 312

February 2010

On The Cover: Wadada Leo Smith - Phil Freeman meets a free music cosmopolitan who has explored free space with Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Spring Heel Jack and more. Plus Mark Ernestus, Mattin, Eliane Radigue's Invisible Jukebox, Raymond Dijkstra, Moon Wiring Club, David Grubbs in Cross Platform, Pangaea, Robert Ashley's Inner Sleeve, Billy Ray Martin, Nicolas Collins on Alvin Lucier and more

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Issue 311

January 2010

On The Cover: The Wire's essential review of the year's best music, including Top 50 Records of the Year, writers' and musicians' reflections, and discussions of the state of the art in sound. Plus: Monolake, Janek Schaefer, Josephine Foster's Invisible Jukebox, Position Normal, The Village Orchestra, Yan Jun, Paul Rooney in Cross Platform, Jad Fair, Kodwo Eshun on sonic warfare, Cathi Unsworth on Gallon Drunk and more...

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