Issue 334

December 2011

On the cover: Manuel Göttsching - The Ash Ra Tempel guitarist reveals how he made electronic masterpiece E2–E4, influencing 30 years of repetitive House and trance rock. By Keith Moliné. Plus Spinn & Rashad's Invisible Jukebox, Grouper, Sandwell District, a Turkish psychedelia Primer, Roger Reynolds, André Vida, Nathalie Djurberg and more.

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Issue 333

November 2011

+ The Wire Tapper 27

On the cover: DJ /Rupture - Peter Shapiro meets prolific producer Jace Clayton to hear about post-colonial Bass music, The Shining remade in Dubai and Sufi Plug-Ins. Stuck to the cover: The Wire Tapper 27 (plus a subscriber-only CD Estonian Music Now 2011). Plus: David Lynch, Radu Malfatti, Gang Gang Dance, Christoph Heemann, Matmos's Drew Daniel on queer sound and more.

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Issue 332

October 2011

On the cover: Christian Marclay: David Toop meets the Swiss-American champion of the Venice Biennale to discuss DJing, video editing, downtown adventures and radical scores. Plus Hieroglyphic Being, Bill Orcutt, Chris & Cosey's Invisible Jukebox, Shabaka Hutchings, Raime, Sun Araw in Jamaica, Ed Atkins and more.

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Issue 331

September 2011

On the cover: My Cat Is An Alien - Ken Hollings visits the Italian duo’s Alien Studios in Turin to hear how they harness the music of the spheres with rayguns and cosmic drones. Plus Alan Howarth's Invisible Jukebox, Prurient, Fela Kuti in London, Herb Diamante, Andy Stott and much more.

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Issue 330

August 2011

+ The Wire Tapper 26

On the cover: Zomby: A rare in-person interview with UK Bass’s mystery man who has dedicated himself to redefining the nation’s club music. By Lisa Blanning. Plus: Jim O’Rourke Primer, Daphne Oram, Luo Chao Yun, Forest Swords, Bob Ostertag's Collateral Damage and much more.

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Issue 329

July 2011

On the cover: Roy Harper - Still at the crease in his 70th year, English music's old cricketer looks back over five decades of singing into the storm. By Rob Young. Plus: John Maus, John Wall, People Like Us Invisible Jukebox, Errorsmith, Nils Økland and much more.

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Issue 328

June 2011

On the cover: The poster boys for the ATP generation tell Daniel Spicer about life after Tyondai Braxton, the Prog-pop equation, and working with Gary Numan. Plus Simon Reynolds on Retromania, Clive Bell on sea shanties, Demdike Stare's Invisible Jukebox, DVA, Mantana Roberts, Caroline Bergvall and much more

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Issue 327

May 2011

On the cover: Not Not Fun: Simon Reynolds finds dub, disco and DIY driving the LA label that’s home to LA Vampires, Pocahaunted, Ducktails, Sun Araw, The Deeep and others. Plus: Andrew Nosnitsky on bedroom rap, David Toop's mellow soul, Daniel Miller's Invisible Jukebox, Micachu & The Shapes, Ekoplekz, UbuWeb's Kenneth Goldsmith and much more

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Issue 326

April 2011

+ The Wire Tapper 25

On the cover: As A Broken Consort, Riftmusic and others, the UK sound artisan Richard Skelton enters the wild places to create a ritual music of mourning and rebirth. By Clive Bell. Plus: Once Upon A Time In... Harlem: Andy Battaglia revisits the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center, NYC trumpeter Peter Evans, Green Gartside's Invisible Jukebox, Funkystepz, Jenny Hval, Olivia Block and much more. Stuck to the cover: The Wire Tapper 25 CD

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Issue 325

March 2011

On the cover: The sound-sculpting Detroit DJ ties knots in the timelines of black music history with his 12" re-edits and freefloating rhythms. By Derek Walmsley. Plus: Michel Chion's Invisible Jukebox, Alternative Cambridge, David Bedford, Mizz Beats, Natalie Beridze and much more.

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Issue 324

February 2011

On the cover: Deerhoof - Now in their 16th year, the mercurial rockers have shapeshifted into a disciplined global mobile unit. By Joseph Stannard. Plus: Vanessa Rossetto, Tri-Angle Records, Hype Williams's Invisible Jukebox, Matthew Shipp, Captain Beefheart remembered and much more

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Issue 323

January 2011

On The Cover: The Wire’s essential review of the year’s best music, including the Top 50 Records of the Year, writers’ and musicians’ reflections, and essays on 2010’s key developments. Plus: Giuseppe Ielasi, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Scanner's Invisible Jukebox, Peter Christopherson, Lichens, Pat Maherr and much more

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