Issue 346

December 2012

On the cover: Scott Walker – In a rare interview, the singer and composer talks Mike Barnes through his ambitious, brutal and absurdist new album, Bish Bosch. Inside: Peter Brötzmann redux, Wyrd sounds from the West Country, Jonas Mekas, David S Ware, Pinch, the Slowfoot label, Fontanelle, and much more.

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Issue 345

November 2012

On the cover: Peter Brötzmann: A two-part special on the visionary improvisor and visual artist who is still shaking the foundations of free music half a century into his career. Interview by David Keenan, Primer by Daniel Spicer. Plus: roots producer Niney The Observer, Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille's Invisible Jukebox, Beatrice Gibson and more.

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Issue 344

October 2012

+ The Wire Tapper 30

On the cover: Britt Brown meets FlyLo at his Los Angeles home to hear how his sampladelic music inhabits a world of children’s stories. Plus: US drone collective Pelt; computer music pioneer Laurie Spiegel; John Butcher's Invisible Jukebox; radical video artist Aldo Tambellini; a Global Ear on Hanoi, Vietnam and more.

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Issue 343

September 2012

On the cover: Josephine Foster: After tracing a path through opera, lieder, folk and psych, the nomadic US singer finds her musical home in the charged landscape of Cádiz, Spain. By Clive Bell. Plus: a visit with Crass's Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, Detroit Techno pioneer Robert Hood, Terror Danjah's Invisible Jukebox, Steve Beresford remembers Lol Coxhill, and more.

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Issue 342

August 2012

On the cover: Ariel Pink: Nick Richardson interviews the Haunted Graffiti artist, who gets mature with songs about Jewishness, nymphomania and the beta male revolution. Plus: Maria Minerva by Nina Power, Buddy Pipp by Val Wilmer, Peter Cusack Invisible Jukebox, Kassem Mosse, Peter Ablinger, Dani Gal, Bamako Global Ear and more.

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Issue 341

July 2012

+ The Wire Tapper 29

On the cover: Low End Theories: The Wire’s 22 page celebration of the booming 
culture of Bass, from the Big Bang to the Brown Note. Stuck to the cover: The Wire Tapper 29 free 20 track CD.Plus: Fushitsusha, Reinhold Friedl's Invisible Jukebox, Duane Pitre, Ian Rawes's London Sound Survey and more.

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Issue 340

June 2012

On the cover: R Stevie Moore: Matthew Ingram charts the remarkable life of the 
lo-fi pioneer through 35 years and over 400 releases of homemade radio rock and warped power pop. Plus: Bass Clef, Annea Lockwood, Traxman, Jan Jelinek's Invisible Jukebox, Nik Colk Void, Ruth Ewan, Global Ear in Kingston and more.

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Issue 339

May 2012

On the cover: Atom™: From Señor Coconut to 19th century Romantic, Uwe Schmidt’s multiple personae spring from a lifelong passion for electronic simulacra, says Dan Barrow. Plus: A sound poetry Primer, Mary Halvorson's Invisible Jukebox, Scott Walker's MOR covers and TV shows, London's improv disciples, Benedict Drew, Laurel Halo, Sean McCann and more.

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Issue 338

April 2012

+ The Wire Tapper 28

On the cover: Sun Araw: Cameron Stallones takes a trip through time, space and musical perception in his recent collaboration with The Congos. By Derek Walmsley. Stuck to the cover: The Wire Tapper 28. Plus: Tom Moulton's Invisible Jukebox, Conlon Nancarrow, Charles Gayle, Simon Reynolds on David Toop, Elizabeth Price, Nate Wooley and more.

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Issue 337

March 2012

On the cover: Earth – Joseph Stannard finds out why the Seattle slowrockers are away with the fairy folk and investigating the Old, Weird Albion. Plus: Julia Holter, Michael E Veal's King Tubby Primer, Ghost Box Invisible Jukebox, Haroon Mirza Cross Platform, The Ex write about their trips to Ethiopia, Vicki Bennett's Collateral Damage, Emptyset, :zoviet*france: and more.

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Issue 336

February 2012

On the cover: Lil B – Lisa Blanning travels to San Francisco for an audience with the Based God, who’s subverting hiphop with complex notions of sexuality and race. Plus: Keith Fullerton Whitman, Julian Cowley on Harvey Matusow's 1972 ICES Festival, Charles Hayward's Invisible Jukebox, Terre Thaemlitz's Collateral Damage, Ian Helliwell, Los Llamarada, Ital, Linder, Jeremy Deller and more.

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Issue 335

January 2012

On the cover: The Wire’s essential review of the year’s best music, including the Top 50 Releases of the Year, writers’ and musicians’ reflections, and essays on 2011’s key developments, including Mark Fisher on the crackle of dissent, David Keenan on the sedition of song and Philip Clark on the liberation of sounds, and views from the office. Plus Michael Chapman's Invisible Jukebox, Spencer Clark & James Ferraro, Gonjasufi, Kouhei Matsunaga, Claudia Molitor and more.

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