Issue 358

December 2013

On the cover: Demdike Stare: The Manchester duo mine music, machines and myths from the past to create uncanny club tracks and imaginary film soundtracks. By Joseph Stannard. Inside: Greg Tate clears the new age fog around the zither master and Eno collaborator Laraaji, Louis Pattison on Heatsick + Helm, turntablist Maria Chavez's Invisible Jukebox, a documentary on the modular synth resurgence, Dot Wiggin of The Shaggs, Esmerine, Diskotopia, the music underground in Western Russia, and much more. Plus: over 150 albums, films, books and exhibitions reviewed.

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Issue 357

November 2013

+ The Wire Tapper 33

On the cover: Laurel Halo: The Michigan born producer talks to Jennifer Lucy Allan about Techno utopias, digital identity and making electronic music in the surveillance age. Marcus Boon meets the Montreal improvisor Sam Shalabi, Archie Shepp's Invisible Jukebox, the sound ecologist David Dunn, Jar Moff, David Medalla, Magik Markers and much more. Plus: over 150 albums, films, books and exhibitions reviewed. Plus: our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire.

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Issue 356

October 2013

On the cover: Matana Roberts: Daniel Spicer meets the saxophonist, vocalist and composer whose Coin Coin song cycle is quilting a panoramic tale of black America’s radical history. Plus: Australian Improv trio The Necks, Buchla Box virtuoso Charles Cohen, South African Shangaan electro pioneer Nozinja, the White Material label, Malcy Duff, Cave, Olimpia Splendid and more. Plus: over 150 albums, films, books and exhibitions reviewed.

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Issue 355

September 2013

On the cover: Young Echo + Livity Sound: Bristol’s new collectives are redefining the city’s bass culture, placing post-dubstep sounds, labels and radio broadcasts on the map. By Rory Gibb. Plus: Marginal Consort founder Kazuo Imai, a Cabaret Voltaire Primer, Christina Carter gets the Invisible Jukebox treatment, Silkie, BiS-Kaidan, El Mahdy Jr, Hacker Farm, Global Ear St Louis, Bridport YouTube artist Oblivian Substanshall, reviews and more.

Issue 354

August 2013

+ The Wire Tapper 32

On the cover: Rob Mazurek: The Chicago Underground musician and visual artist spins cosmic connections between free jazz, science fiction and the music of Brazil. By Bill Meyer. Plus: Denmark’s first electronic composer, Else Marie Pade; Meredith Monk; Jussi Lehtisalo's Invisible Jukebox; Helena Hauff; Marisa Anderson; Terminal Cheesecake; Emma Hart; Global Ear Istanbul and more. Attached to the cover: our free 20 track CD The Wire Tapper 32, available to all readers.

Issue 353

July 2013

On the cover: The Dead C – The New Zealand underground rock trio have been making music at the outer limits for 25 years. On the road in Europe, they tell David Keenan why Bruce Russell’s amp sound is better than sex. Plus: Rashad Becker, a Primer on Don Cherry, Pangaea's Invisible Jukebox, Arturas Bumšteinas, Paul Metzger, The Durian Brothers and more.

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Issue 352

June 2013

On The Cover: Babble On! – In a 20 page special, Wire contributors assess and rethink the relationship between underground music and words, text and language. Including Rob Young on songs about themselves, Ken Hollings on Cage’s pulverised language, Derek Walmsley on dread talk, Alasdair Roberts on verbal jousting, Daniel Spicer on hip semantics, David Toop on Improv words and gestures, Nina Power on female machine voices, Hua Hsu on vocalese, Marcus Boon on profane rappers, Rory Gibb on Footwork’s vocal science, and more.

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Issue 351

May 2013

On the cover: Wolf Eyes: As the kings of US Noise regroup with a new album, cub reporter Marc Masters traces their feral family tree through multiple side projects driven by gonzo DIY aesthetics and a hunger for sonic exploration. Plus: Howard Mandel on Woodstock's Creative Music Studio, Rabih Beaini aka Morphosis, Oval's Invisible Jukebox, David Tudor, Pedro Reyes and more.

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Issue 350

April 2013

+ The Wire Tapper 31

On the cover: Jakob Ullmann – Stasi interrogation methods and transcendent world religions inform the austere minimalism of this German composer. By Nick Cain. Plus: street dancer and Flying Lotus collaborator Storyboard P, Mika Vainio's Invisible Jukebox, Ashley Paul, Red Snapper, Metasplice, Liberez and more. Stuck to the cover: The Wire Tapper 31.

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Issue 349

March 2013

On the cover: Mats Gustafsson – Behind the Swedish saxophonist’s confrontational sound is a musician committed to collective action, from power trios to 30 piece groups. By Daniel Spicer. Plus: Ergo Phizmiz, Little Annie's Jukebox, a Primer on US hardcore, Lonnie Holley and more.

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Issue 348

February 2013

On the cover: Oneohtrix Point Never: Brooklyn synth explorer Daniel Lopatin talks technological illusions, video game theory and cinema for the ear with Derek Walmsley. Plus: Joshua Abrams, Amsterdam’s STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music, Ricardo Villalobos' Invisible Jukebox, Cara Tolmie, Mark Fell's Collateral Damage and more.

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Issue 347

January 2013

2012 Rewind: The Wire’s crucial review of the last 12 months in underground sound and music, including the releases of the year, opinions and reflections from a host of musicians and critics, and analyses of 2012’s most significant audio culture trends. Plus Bryan Ferry's Invisible Jukebox, post-quake Christchurch music scene and more.

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