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Ear's Boris

Japan's premiere noise-making trio Boris have made a song about a man's ear - which was apparently bitten off at one of their gigs.

When Denton, Texas resident Josh Baish went to a Boris gig he was assaulted by four men, who broke one of his ribs and bit a chunk out of one of his ears. But while loading out after the gig, Boris found the missing piece of the man's ear and returned it to him. And then wrote a song about it.

The song in question is on the b-side track of Boris's recent "Statement/Floorshaker" 7", which features the telling line: "I found a ripped ear on the floor/ This must be yours".

Unfortunately for Baish it wasn't possible to re-attach the ear, but he keeps its remnants on show behind the bar at his venue Rubber Gloves, in Denton.

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