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Philip Jeck: CODA

Acclaimed artist Philip Jeck unveils CODA, a new live piece specially commissioned for DING>>DONG and FACT’s key event for the Transition Weekend. Philip Jeck and Vergil Sharky present a blurry post-New Year code to Liverpool 08, reflecting on Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture, Each event seen or heard, whether you were there or not, is transfigured into a full stop to a momentous year. Jeck and Sharkey’s play a multi-instrumental composition, not quite a requiem, incorporating Woolworth’s boom boxes, 60s and 70s record players, antique dulcimers, keyboards retro guitars, found video and photographs in a hubris-free Christmas and New Year confection. Liverpool FACT, 10 January, £10.00/£7.00 (Members & concs)

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