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MF Doom And Ghostface Killah Cassette Collaboration

© Dwayne C Bass

As part of MF Doom's nailed shut "mystery" crate collaboration with clothing brand Akomplice (which was supplied with its own crowbar), Doom and Ghostface Killah have released a red cassette remix single under the name Doom/Starks. The track, "Victory Laps", is remixed by Madvillian, with an original version and instrumentals scheduled for release on 26 July.

A full length collaboration between Doom and Ghostface has been reported as being in the works for a long time, but Nature Sounds's Devin Horwitz told XXL earlier this week that the pair have "regrouped this year, and [have] really started fine tuning... trying to hone it in, to make this thing a reality". Horwitz also said that the album is almost complete, with the majority of the direction coming from Doom.

The Doom/Starks cassette is available via Nature Sounds. More info here.

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