Pitt Rivers Museum Making Sound Objects conference: open call for papers

Pitt Rivers Museum during a torch lit sound trail

The British Forum for Ethnomusicology annual one day conference at Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum has an open call out for papers under the title: "Making Sound Objects: Cultures of Hearing, Recording, Creating and Circulation".

The conference is guided by the following quote, given by the first Pitt Rivers curator Henry Balfour, to a group of anthropologists in 1929: "Any object whether natural or artificial, and however simple, which is employed for the purpose of producing sound (whether 'musical' in an aesthetic sense or not) should be included as a musical instrument."

The conference takes place on 24 November, at Pitt Rivers Museum, and Proposals are being taken for 20 minute papers, round table discussions, and hour and a half long sessions which feature three linked papers. To submit a paper, email noel.lobley[at]prm.ox.ac.uk, including a 200–250 word extract, plus any relevant audio files and images. Deadline is 19 October. More details here.

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