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Shabaka Hutchings, Pat Thomas awarded 2014 Paul Hamlyn Award

Saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, pianist and composer Pat Thomas, and accordionist Martin Green are the musicians awarded £50,000 grants by the Paul Hamlyn Award for composers this year. Hutchings, Thomas and Green are awarded alongside five visual artists, all of whom will receive £50,000 spread across a three year period. As usual with the Paul Hamlyn Award, there are no obligations or conditions on how the money must be spent.

Previous recipients have included Steve Beresford, Chris Watson, John Butcher, and Evan Parker, among others. More details here.

Robert Hood celebrates 20 years of M-Plant

To celebrate 20 years since Detroit techno producer Robert Hood founded his M-Plant label, a 33 track compilation, M-Print: 20 Years Of M-Plant Music is set for release in December.

The three disc compilation contains a selection of tracks by Hood released via the M-Plant imprint, including ones made under his Floorplan and Monobox aliases. The first disc documents M-Plant’s early life, including tracks from 1994's Minimal Nation, 1995's Moveable Parts Chapter 1 and 1997's Moveable Parts Chapter 2 while the second disc covers releases from the last 5 years of the label, including 2010's Power To Prophet and 2011's Sanctified. The third disc contains new and unreleased tracks as well as re-edits and remixes. “M-Plant is more than a compilation,” says Hood “It represents the unfolding of a dream, it represents passion and determination to make something out of nothing.”

M-Print: 20 Years Of M-Plant Music will be released 8 December. More information here.

Charlemagne Palestine makes cassette debut

Charlemagne Palestine is releasing his first full length cassette on 30 November on Close/Far. Musician Nathan Cook, who runs the St Louis based label and curates its annual Rhizomatic St Louis compilations, met Palestine during his concert series in Chicago earlier this year. "I asked [Palestine] if he had ever done a cassette release," says Cook. "He said only for a few compilations in the 1980s and that he really likes cassettes and listens to them at home."

Palestine's Chicago series included Schlingen-Blängen, performed on the organ of the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel in the University of Chicago. For Close/Far Palestine unearthed a previously unreleased recording of Schlingen-Blängen from 1977, which he believes to be the first ever recording of this signature work. The 90 minute recording, which he has dubbed SchlingenCassettenBlängen, will be released in a cassette edition of 369 (Palestine's three favourite numbers), featuring new and archival artwork by the composer.

More details here.

Andrew Chalk prints for sale to raise money for Tusk 2015

Hot on the heels of its 2014 edition, Tusk festival has begun fund raising for next year’s festival. First up is a batch of prints donated by Hull-based musician and artist Andrew Chalk. Chalk, who has worked with The New Blockaders, Christoph Heeman, and is a member of Elodie, Colin Potter’s Ora, has painted a collection of 17 dark and windy squares as part of a collection titled A Light At The End Of The World

The 17 prints are priced at £75 each, and all are up on Flickr here.

Bimhuis in Amsterdam broadcasting live shows

As part of its 40th anniversary season Amsterdam's Bimhuis venue is streaming jazz and improv concerts live via its website, with around 40 concerts lined up to be broadcast later this season, beginning at the end of this week.

Already in the archive are performances by Evan Parker, members of the ICP and others. More details and dates via Bimhuis here.