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JG Thirlwell curates Zorn's club

In September 2008, the concerts at John Zorn's club The Stone have been hand picked, curated and booked by JG Thirlwell

The concerts at John Zorn's not-for-profit club The Stone have been hand picked, curated and booked by JG Thirlwell during September 2008. Highlights include performances by Carla Bozulich, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Boris Savoldelli with Elliot Sharp, cellist Okkyung Lee, a special Mercury Rev event, a John Zorn improv night, David Grubbs, David Lang, Tony Conrad, Andrew WK performing piano improv, Michael Gira and more. New York The Stone, various dates, $10 unless otherwise stated.

Jamaican Dancehall tome

Heavyweight study into the rise of Jamaican Dancehall due out this Autumn

A new book detailing the history and culture of Jamaican Dancehall is due out this Autumn. The book, published by Soul Jazz Publishing, aims to be a definitive study of 1980s Jamaican Dancehall and will feature hundreds of exclusive photographs and text by Beth Lesser.

Goodbye Wire List

The Wire\'s Yahoo Group shuts up shop

The Yahoo Group set up by Andrew Fleming just over 10 years ago, will soon cease to exist. The email discussion list, which was set up independently and was always completely unafilliated with the magazine itself, was at its peak a vital resource and community for Wire readers who were either searching for hard-to-find releases mentioned in the mag, wishing to discuss the merits of Einstürzende Neubauten, or posting details of their latest avant-electronic bedroom mix. However, the list has in recent times been neglected by most of its members who have instead moved onto other types of online communication and networking. As Andrew puts it \"Most of these types of discussions moved to other kinds of spaces shortly after the great Web 2.0 internet buzzword maelstrom started, but I hesitated to pull the plug prematurely. Now that we\'re at our lowest ebb (fewer than 30 messages per month), it seems appropriate to close up shop.\" You can still view the group here and the list will still be active until the night of Monday 30 June.

Soundings From The Estuary

Sound art in exhibition about the Thames Estuary

Soundings From The Estuary, an exhibition about the Thames Estuary, includes work by sound artist Dave Lawrence and word pieces by Germander Speedwell, composed of lists of place names, bird sound descriptions, ship names and so on from the Thames Estuary. These are exhibited and combined with photographs and video works by Frank Watson. There will also be a Clear Spot show about the project on Resonance FM on Tuesday July 1 at 8pm. See for further details. London Novas Contemporary Urban Centre, 20 June - 20 July, 10am-6pm Mon-Sat.

Lou Reed in London

Lou Reed to appear in Q\'n\'A session

To celebrate the release of Julian Schnabel\'s film of his live performance of Berlin, Lou Reed will appear in a Q\'n\'A session at a London cinema after a preview of the movie. Schnabel art-directed the live performances which feature in the film, with Diving Bell and the Butterfly actress, Emmanuelle Seigner, as the album’s central character, Caroline. London Curzon Mayfair, Sunday 29 June, 6.20pm, £15, 0871 7033 989

Monika goes digital

Entire back catalogue of Monika Enterprise available for download

The entire Monika catalogue, including rare stuff that has sold out in its physical format, is now available directly from the label. Just click the Buy Downloads button in the Monika shop.

Show Cancelled

Tonight's Adventures In Modern Music show is cancelled

We regret to announce tonight's edition of Adventures In Modern Music on Resonance, which was due to go on air at 9pm this evening, has been cancelled. The Ghost Box mix which was due to be played as part of the show will be played out at a later date.

Sonic Youth's Other Side

Improvised Roskilde live performances to be released on a CD-only self release

The next installment of Sonic Youth's series of experimental and mostly instrumental releases is 'Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth' and will be available July 28 2008 in a CD-only edition self-released on the band's own SYR label. This disk presents the complete 'Other Sides of Sonic Youth' improvised live performance from the 2005 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, featuring Sonic Youth (with Jim O'Rourke) and guests Swedish saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, and Japanese sound artist Masami Akita (aka Merzbow). The single piece performed was a structured improvisation which for 60 minutes added and subtracted musicians one by one until only Masami was left onstage.

Kaiser music on Herzog Encounters film

Werner Herzog's new feature film, Encounters At The End Of The World, will feature the music of Cuneiform associate Henry Kaiser

Werner Herzog's new feature film, Encounters At The End Of The World (opening in the US this month), will feature the music of Cuneiform associate Henry Kaiser in collaboration with his friend David Lindley. Kaiser also produced the movie and did all of the underwater photography; as well as appearing as a character on camera. This being their fourth collaboration, Kaiser and Herzog decided to uncover some of the polar mysteries of Antarctica, one of Earth's least explored territories.

The Necks see hear

See and hear The Necks in recent concert performances

For the first time ever, video footage of an entire Necks concert - that's two whole sets - can be viewed online. Their March concert at The Factory in Sydney, Australia, as part of the Places and Spaces series, can be seen here. And last month The Necks played three sellout shows at The Vortex, in London. UK listeners can hear "Locksmith", one of the sets from that night, tonight (Friday 13th June) on BBC Radio 3's Jazz on 3 from 11.30pm. The show will also be available for listening on the internet for one week. Go to and click on 'listen to the latest programme'.