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Critical Beats #2: A Reader

Critical Beats is The Wire's latest series of talks and panel discussions, hosted with the University of East London at London's Stratford Circus. The discussions will examine electronic dance music in East London's club culture and the resulting impact on wider scenes.

The second instalment of Critical Beats takes place 8 December at East London's Stratford Circus and is titled Place, Locality and Globalisation. On the panel: Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz), Martin Clark (Blackdown/Keysound), George Mahood (Big Daddy) and moderator Derek Walmsley.

Online tickets are available here. Alternatively, ring 0844 357 2625 to purchase tickets from the Stratford Circus box office directly.

Stuart Baker runs the London based Soul Jazz Records, whose latest releases include Can You Dig It?: The Music and Politics of Black Action Films 1968–75, Chicago Soul: Electric Blues, Funk and Soul: The New Sound of Chicago in the 1960s. Soul Jazz also publishes books such as the recent Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1989-92 (with an introduction by The Wire's Tim Lawrence), Cover Art Of Studio One Records (listen to an interview with Baker about the book here) and Bossa Nova And The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s (read an interview here). Alongside the label, his London record shop, Sounds Of The Universe stocks one of the largest selections in the UK of reggae, dubstep, House, disco, funk, soul, Brazilian, Latin, African and world beats. Listen to some of Soul Jazz's recent releases below:

Latest tracks by Soul Jazz Records

Martin Clark aka Blackdown is a DJ at London's Rinse FM (alongside co-presenter Dusk), a producer and a journalist. Clark is also label boss of Keysound Recordings whose releases include Scratcha DVA, Kowton, LV, Grievous Angel and more. Check out a Dusk & Blackdown 60 minute mix at the Boiler Room. Clark also has a blog featuring interviews with Skream, Shackleton, DVA, Zomby's parrot and more.

Latest tracks by Dusk + Blackdown

George Mahood was editor of Big Daddy magazine, ran the Concourse Records shop and co-founded Grand Slam magazine. Listen to Mahood spinning records at the WFMU Record Fair 2011, here. Read interviews with Mahood about Big Daddy magazine, here and here.