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Beyond the Dream Syndicate: Tony Conrad and the Arts after Cage by Branden W. Joseph

Published by Zone Books, 2008 (479 pages; paperback)

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Beyond The Dream Syndicate traces Tony Conrad’s influence in cultural developments from minimalism to underground film, concept art, postmodern appropriation, and rock and roll.

Creator of the structural film, The Flicker, collaborator on Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures and Normal Love, follower of Henry Flynt's radical anti-art, member of the Theatre of Eternal Music and the first incarnation of The Velvet Underground, and early associate of Mike Kelley, Tony Oursler, and Cindy Sherman, Beyond The Dream Syndicate takes Conrad's collaborative interactions as a guiding thread by which to investigate the contiguous networks and discursive interconnections in 1960s art. By simultaneously illuminating and estranging current understandings of the period, a map is redrawn across medium and stylistic boundaries to reveal a constitutive hybridization at the base of the decade's artistic development.