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Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand edited by Bruce Russell

Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand edited by Bruce Russell

Published by Audio Foundation and CMR, 2012 (192 pages; paperback)
Limited edition of 800

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Erewhon Calling: Experimental Sound in New Zealand is an illustrated new publication from the Audio Foundation and CMR. Edited by The Wire writer Bruce Russell (the Dead C.), in association with Richard Francis and Zoe Drayton.
Erewhon Calling surveys the full range of 'non-standard' audio practices in contemporary NZ culture - from the borders of composed art music, through improvised noise, to deconstructed 'rock' n pop filth', and every genre, every scene, every permutation of unconventional audio practice in-between, by a range of artists and informed commentators mainly telling their own stories.

Text / page works by Branden W. Joseph, Phil Dadson, Bruce Russell, Michael Morley, Byron Coley, Alastair Galbraith, Empirical, White Saucer, Clayton Noone, Andrew Clifford, Jeff Henderson, Daniel Beban and Nell Thomas, Su Ballard, Jon Bywater, Dan Vallor, Clinton Watkins, Witcyst, Andrew Scott, Campbell Kneale and Antony Milton, Vitamin S, Jon Dale, Mark Williams, Nathan Thompson, Beth Dawson, Sean O’Reilly, Kraus, Sean Kerr, Peter Stapleton, Stephen Clover, Dugal McKinnon, Omit, Peter Wright, Jo Burzynska, Ian-John Hutchinson, Kim Pieters, Paul Winstanley, Gentle Persuasion, Zoe Drayton, Simon Cuming, Stevie Kaye, Rachel Shearer, Richard Francis, Rosy Parlane, Kiran Dass, None Gallery, Zita Joyce.