Issue 27

May 1986

ON THE COVER: Miles Davis

FEATURES: Mose Allison, Evan Parker, Kintone, George Russell, Camden Jazz Week, John Scofield, Teizo Matsumara, Third Stream, New Age: So What?

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Issue 96

February 1992

ON THE COVER: Music, Technology and the Future

FEATURES: Lou Reed: The Velvet Revolutionary; George Clinton: The Mothership of all Connections; Black Science Fiction: from Ra to Bambaataa; Techno: Is the Bleep History, Cabaret Voltaire, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Tristan Honsinger, Teddy Edwards, Emmylou Harris

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Issue 101

July 1992

ON THE COVER: You Are Here! - The Changing Face Of Music Today. We Map It All, From The Centre To The Fringes

FEATURES: Defunkt, Joe Henderson, S'Express, Sergio Mendes, Barry Adamson, Gitane Demone

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Issue 111

May 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and the days of rage, how the world turned upside down and how the beat changed with it

FEATURES: The Fall, Daniel Lanois, Stan Tracey, Suede, Sugar, Shepp, Braxton, Brotzmann

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Issue 135

May 1995

On The Cover: Scott Walker - The Hunter's Return

Features: Lee Perry - Original Dub Mystic; Terry Riley - Man-Machine Mantras, Guide to Independent Labels part two; Anne Dudley's Jukebox, Mercury Rev, Robert Musso, Wagon Christ, Joe Carducci, Kevin Volans, In praise of stupidity

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Issue 141

November 1995

Cover Story: Marc Almond

Features: Stockhausen - versus the Tecnocrats; Space Rock Stateside - Tortoise, Labradford, Jon Spencer; Jaz Coleman - Orchestral Manoeuvres; Eddie Palmieri, Andrew Poppy, Wayne Shorter, Mark Isham

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Issue 145

March 1996

On The Cover: Tortoise

Stuck To The Cover (UK Only): Resurgence - free 16-track CD

Features: Faust, A-Z of Electro, Mixmaster Morris's Jukebox, John McLaughlin, Les Baxter, Sonic Boom, T Power

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Issue 146

April 1996

On The Cover: Yoko Ono - A life in flux

Features: Techno theories - Mille Plateaux, Alec Empire, Oval; Who Needs Record Companies? An anarchist's guide to starting your own label; Courtney Pine's jukebox, Mark Stewart, Harrison Birtwistle, New Kingdom, Larry Heard

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Issue 148

June 1996

On The Cover: Andrew Weatherall

Stuck To The Cover: free Big Cat CD

Features: Lou Reed, Pil, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, Mad Professor, Meat Beat Manifesto, Jungle goes AWOL, 808 State, Ravi Shankar

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Issue 155

January 1997

On The Cover: 96 Rewind - Records of the year: charting 12 months of underground music activity

Features: Laibach, Khan & Jammin' Unit, Prince Paul, Harold Budd's Jukebox, Dom & Roland, John White, Kreidler, Nippon noise squad

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Issue 162

August 1997

ON THE COVER: Vienna Tones - Pulsinger & Tunakan, Cheap, Mego, Sabotage and Austria's digital underground

FEATURES: Charles Heyward, Liquid Liquid, Haruomi Hosono, Arto Lindsay, Mark Cunningham, Cristoph Heemann, Surgeon

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Issue 164

October 1997

ON THE COVER: Plaid - electro-lite fixtures

FEATURES: Graham Haynes, Neubauten, Stereolab's jukebox, Yusef Lateef, Pauline Oliveros, To Rococo Rot, Spread The Virus: William Burroughs infects the world of music

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Issue 166

December 1997

ON THE COVER: Alec Empire - Geist In The Machine

FEATURES: Bootsy Collins's jukebox, Cyro Baptista, Company Flow, Tim Berne, La Monte Young, Hariprasad, Chaurasia, Neurofunk flavas, The Grateful Dead, Alec Empire

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Issue 170

April 1998

+ The Wire Tapper 01

On The Cover: Tony Conrad. Without the Buffalo violinist there would have been no Velvet Underground. Richard Henderson meets the Minimalist drone king who discovered a whole new musical universe in a single note

Features: The Primer: Captain Beefheart, Phuture, The Creators, David Thomas's Jukebox, Charles Bullen, The Pastels, Death Songs, Global Ear: Siberia, Jan Kopinski, Loren Mazzacane Connors, The Secret History of Film Music

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Issue 171

May 1998

On The Cover: Sonic Youth - Boom times in NYC

Inside: Savage Pencil Postcards - Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Grateful Dead, Beefheart

Features: Robert Moog - the doctor is in; Blood Ulmer - the return of Capt Black; LTJ Bukem's Jukebox, The Fall in New York; Nonplace Urban Field in Auckland; Royal Trux, Slapp Happy, B12

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Issue 176

October 1998

ON THE COVER: Harder! Faster! Louder! - Electronica's new extremists: V/VM, Speedranch, Skam, Matthew Harden, Fat Cat and more!

FEATURES: Ravi Coltrane, Chris Watson, Tom Hodgkinson, Underground Soundtracks, Toru Takemitsu, Derrick May's Jukebox, Bernard Parmegiani

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Issue 177

November 1998

+ The Wire Tapper 02

On The Cover: Björk - In Reykjavik, the ice queen of avant pop talks to Louise Gray about the 'soulful experimentalists', from Stockhausen to 808 State, that keep her world turning

Features: Eugene Chadbourne, Squarepusher's Jukebox, The Primer: James Brown; Thomas Fehlmann, Alan Licht, Tied & Tickled Trio, John Mayer, Bob Dylan

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Issue 184

June 1999

ON THE COVER: Stockhausen - Interstellar Fugitive

FEATURES: Kraftwerk, Neu!, La Dusseldorf, The Dead C, Tropicalia, Ozomatli, David Toop on Fela Kuti, Stock, Hausen & Walkman's Jukebox, Solid Eye

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Issue 195

May 2000

On The Cover: As London's Hayward Gallery hosts the largest retrospective of sonic art the UK has ever seen, we present a guide to the visualisation of multiple, hybrid soundworlds

Features: Brian Eno, Christian Marclay, Evan Parker's Jukebox, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Laurie Anderson, Dylan Group, Iain Ballamy

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Issue 204

February 2001

ON THE COVER: Tortoise - Climbing out of their shells, Chicago's premier post-rockers reveal to David Keenan how their new album redefines their standards even as it reaffirms their hardcore roots

FEATURES: Primer: The Residents, Secret Museum of Mankind, Invisible Jukebox: Gary Lucas, Bob Ostertag, Lesser, Peaches, Japanorama live

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Issue 208

June 2001

ON THE COVER: Company Flow and beyond - New York's finest HipHop outfit may have ceased trading, but board members El-P, Bigg Jus and Mr Len have already laid separate plans for anti-corporate action via labels such as Def Jux and Sub Verse. By Mosi Reeves

FEATURES: Neu!, Primer: Fire Music, Invisible Jukebox: Fred Frith, John Duncan, Electrelane, Radiohead, Yoko Ono, Scritti Politti, Prix Ars Electronica

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Issue 222

August 2002

ON THE COVER: Tom Waits - Barfly, beatnik, hobo, hipster, Weimar cabaret singer, Stallone co-star, Harry Partch fan: the chronicler of the American underbelly has been playing confidence games with his identity and music since the 70s. By Phil Freeman

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Arthur Lee, William Parker, Lou Harrison, Leif Elggren & CM Von Hausswolff, To Live & Shave In LA, Boom Bip, Tchad Blake, Kevin Drumm, Peter Hammill, Sonic Process

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Issue 227

January 2003

ON THE COVER: Asian Dub Foundation - Rooted in Community Music, the East London posse have built a broad popular base for their sample-loaded and politically charged music, bringing down barriers between high/low and East/West. By David Stubbs

FEATURES: 2002 Rewind: Records of the Year, Albert Ayler, Shandar, Invisible Jukebox: John Sinclair, Schimpfluch, Henry Grimes, Oxbow, Gert-Jan Prins

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Issue 234

August 2003

ON THE COVER: New Weird America - Sunburned Hand of the Man are spearheading the groundswell of the US free folk revolution. By David Keenan

FEATURES: Primer: Fela Kuti, Robert Ashley, Phew, Mike Paradinas, The Pastels, Niobe, Cedric Im Brooks, Tu m'

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Issue 239

January 2004

ON THE COVER: 2003 Rewind - The Wire's crack writing squad select the year's best records; plus critics', singers' and players' pros and cons

FEATURES: Arthur Russell, Jerome Noetinger, Paal Nilssen-Love, Matt Rogalsky, Invisible Jukebox: Damon & Naomi, Basil Kirchin, Matthew Bourne

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Issue 269

July 2006

ON THE COVER: Current 93 - David Tibet explains how his music is shaped
by his apocalyptic religious visions and nightmares of black ships. By
Keith Moliné

FEATURES: Die Tödliche Doris, Invisible Jukebox: Kode9, Cross Platform:
Annea Lockwood, Boxcutter, FM3

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Issue 288

February 2008

Vladislav Delay - What makes today's Techno so different, so appealing? Interviews with Sightings, Hot Chip, Cath & Phil Tyler, Warrior Queen & Wooden Shjips. Plus: George E Lewis's Invisible Jukebox, Hideaki Takahashi's 'media opera' in Cross Platform, Drew Daniel's Global Ear from Baltimore, Nick Sylvester's Epiphany, Damon & Naomi's Inner Sleeve plus much, much more...

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Issue 317

July 2010

+ Exploratory Music From Poland vol. 2

On The Cover: The Bug - Kevin Martin talks Lisa Blanning through his many metamorphoses, from God's car-crash Improv to King Midas Sound's dread-infused dancehall. Plus: Oneohtrix Point Never's Invisible Jukebox, Chrome Hoof, Poland's hidden reverse, DJ Nate, Michael Pisaro, Konx-Om-Pax in Cross Platform, David Toop on John Latham, Alex Neilson on Frank Sinatra, Alan Moore and more

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Interview from Issue 163

Local Hero

January 2011

The unedited transcript of Biba Kopf's interview with Robert Wyatt. A feature based on this interview appeared in issue #163 of The Wire

Issue 307

September 2009

On The Cover: The Samadhisound proprietor tells Biba Kopf about his latest song collection which features input from improvisors Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe and more. Plus: Aki Onda, Julie Tippetts, William Basinski's Jukebox, Joker, Caroliner, John Wynne, 20 years of Warp, Philip Jeck on recycled sleeves, Matt Thorne on Viking Moses and others...

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Issue 270

August 2006

+ Eco e Narciso CD

ON THE COVER: Smegma - Three decades of free rock mayhem hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm of the LA freakout troupe who have worked with Wild Man Fischer, Richard Meltzer, Merzbow and Wolf Eyes. By David Keenan

FEATURES: Dabrye, Invisible Jukebox: Biosphere, Akio Suzuki & John Butcher, Die Trip Computer Die, Cross Platform: Brian Eno, Philip Samartzis, Leopard Leg, John Wiese

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Issue 370

December 2014

On the cover: Freedom Principles – The Wire’s contributors survey ideas of freedom in music and liberation in sound with 16 pages of essays on resistance songs, nonsense rhymes, trap rap, improv, karaoke and more. Plus: Eiko Ishibashi, Amarass records India’s folk legends, Laura Cannell, Bob Cobbing, Biba Kopf listens to the ancient songs of the Ainu people of Japan, hundreds of records, books and films reviewed, and more

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