Issue 97

March 1992

ON THE COVER: singers or players? Women's changing role in music, from Clara Schumann to The Slits

FEATURES: Billie Holiday, Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, My Bloody Valentine, Barbara Thompson, Rosemary Clooney, Ashley Maher, Vanessa Mackness, Women in Rock and Rap

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Issue 112

June 1993

ON THE COVER: Music In The Realm Of Bodily Desire, Sexual Drive in Rhythm And Melody, Sound As It Arouses and Seduces

FEATURES: Marvin Gaye, Riot Grrrl, Gay Disco, Torch Songs, Orbital, Red House Painters, Jan Garbarek, Jack Bruce

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Issue 122

April 1994

ON THE COVER: Mick Karn - The ex-Japan bassist gets into a bestial cluster with Louise Gray

FEATURES: Tony Thorpe, Archie Shepp, Disco Inferno, Mexico City Rockers, Tim Buckley, Derek Bailey, Music In The 21st Century: Multimedia

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Issue 133

March 1995

On The Cover: Tricky - Sex, Soul & Technology

Features: A-Z of Progressive Rock, Allen Ginsberg, Disobey in New York, New Auras in London, Elevator Music, Carl Craig, Mike Watt, David S Ware

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Issue 182

April 1999

+ The Wire Tapper 03

On The Cover: Arto Lindsay - Working alongside the great Brazilian singer Vinicius Cantuaria, the former No Wave guitar hero is reinventing bossa nova as a lifestyle soundtrack for rootless cosmopolitans everywhere. By David Toop

Features: Genesis P-Orridge, Luc Ferrari, Rhys Chatham, Natacha Atlas's Jukebox, Captain Beefheart, Robin Rimbaud on Glenn Branca, Vinicius Cantuaria, Undercurrents #4: Listening Aids, Simon Reynolds on two-step Garage

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Issue 227

January 2003

ON THE COVER: Asian Dub Foundation - Rooted in Community Music, the East London posse have built a broad popular base for their sample-loaded and politically charged music, bringing down barriers between high/low and East/West. By David Stubbs

FEATURES: 2002 Rewind: Records of the Year, Albert Ayler, Shandar, Invisible Jukebox: John Sinclair, Schimpfluch, Henry Grimes, Oxbow, Gert-Jan Prins

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Issue 232

June 2003

ON THE COVER: Yo La Tengo - In New York, David Keenan sups with the 20 year old avant rock trio who got hip to free jazz

FEATURES: The Ex, Invisible Jukebox: David Sylvian, Mauricio Kagel, Primer: Soft Machine, Nina Simone, Asmus Tietchens, Sightings, Cliff Martinez, Semiconductor

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Issue 339

May 2012

On the cover: Atom™: From Señor Coconut to 19th century Romantic, Uwe Schmidt’s multiple personae spring from a lifelong passion for electronic simulacra, says Dan Barrow. Plus: A sound poetry Primer, Mary Halvorson's Invisible Jukebox, Scott Walker's MOR covers and TV shows, London's improv disciples, Benedict Drew, Laurel Halo, Sean McCann and more.

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