Issue 23

January 1986

ON THE COVER: Bill Laswell - A collision in killing time, Celia Cruz, Anita O'Day, Donald Banks

FEATURES: Arto Lindsay, Charlie Watts, Loose Tubes, Mathilde Santing, Alan Bush, LP's of the year

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Issue 27

May 1986

ON THE COVER: Miles Davis

FEATURES: Mose Allison, Evan Parker, Kintone, George Russell, Camden Jazz Week, John Scofield, Teizo Matsumara, Third Stream, New Age: So What?

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Issue 76

June 1990

ON THE COVER: John Surman - The Amazing Adventures Of...

FEATURES: Jazz Warriors, Dexter Gordon, Shankar, Krzysztof Penderecki, Tommy Smith, Mingus: The Last Years

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Issue 93

November 1991

ON THE COVER: Punk, Fifteen Years On - What Happened, What Didn't, What Still Could

FEATURES: Jah Wobble, Eric Dolphy, Big Jay McNeely, The Gershwins, Buddy Guy, Punk Jazz - From Ornette Coleman To Now

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Issue 94

January 1992

ON THE COVER: Great Black Music - We explore the tradition from past masters to the prophets of tomorrow

FEATURES: Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong, Tamla Motown, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Arthur Bliss, Benny Green, Mulgrew Miller, Jam and Lewis, Black Rock Coalition, Taj Mahal's Jukebox

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Issue 96

February 1992

ON THE COVER: Music, Technology and the Future

FEATURES: Lou Reed: The Velvet Revolutionary; George Clinton: The Mothership of all Connections; Black Science Fiction: from Ra to Bambaataa; Techno: Is the Bleep History, Cabaret Voltaire, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Tristan Honsinger, Teddy Edwards, Emmylou Harris

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Issue 97

March 1992

ON THE COVER: singers or players? Women's changing role in music, from Clara Schumann to The Slits

FEATURES: Billie Holiday, Diamanda Galas, Laurie Anderson, My Bloody Valentine, Barbara Thompson, Rosemary Clooney, Ashley Maher, Vanessa Mackness, Women in Rock and Rap

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Issue 99

May 1992

ON THE COVER: Is Music Dead? - Why The Business Must Be Destroyed

FEATURES: Randy Weston, Sheila Jordan, Fred Anderson, Von Freeman, Gavin Friday, Sun Ra, Negativland, The Ex, Han Bennink, Bheki Mseleku

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Issue 103

September 1992

ON THE COVER: The Song & The Dance

FEATURES: Sinatra vs Costello, David Toop on James Brown, Mike Westbrook, Television, Larry Heard, Ali Farka Touré's Jukebox, Elvis Presley, June Christy, Larry Heard, Mel Tormé, Franz Schubert

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Issue 108

February 1993

ON THE COVER: Music - The Endless Quest For Truth, Lone Visionaries And Rogue Elements, Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum

FEATURES: Bill Frisell, Sonic Youth, Peter Brotzmann, Gil Scott-Heron, Hermeto Pascoal, Faust, John Cale

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Issue 110

April 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and Censorship everywhere, what sounds will they let us hear? taking stock of the clampdown

FEATURES: Ice T, Ice Cube, Paris, NWA, John Zorn, Don Byron, Ennio Morricone, Coldcut, Metal and Islam, Jazz at the BBC, Philip Glass's "Low"

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Issue 111

May 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and the days of rage, how the world turned upside down and how the beat changed with it

FEATURES: The Fall, Daniel Lanois, Stan Tracey, Suede, Sugar, Shepp, Braxton, Brotzmann

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Issue 113

July 1993

ON THE COVER: Music And The American Dream Revealed, Searching For The United States Of Sound, Frontiers, Freedom And Finding Ourselves

FEATURES: Prince, Grateful Dead, Wynton Marsalis, Lester Bowie, Michael Nyman, Ambient A-Z

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Issue 114

August 1993

On The Cover: Björk

Features: Lydia Lunch, En Vogue, Mica Paris, Riot Grrrl, Moonshake, Steve Reich, Franz Koglmann, Velvet Underground, Little Annie, Women in Pre-60s Pop, Odaline De La Martinez.

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Issue 124

June 1994

ON THE COVER: David Byrne - Kim Green takes afternoon tea with the ex-Talking Head

FEATURES: Louis Andriessen, Cecil Taylor, Harold Budd, Last Poets, Berlin Techno

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Issue 139

September 1995

On The Cover: Brian Eno

Features: China: Rock under the Red Flag; :zoviet*france:, Skylab, Steve Williamson, George Clinton: Mothership Conspirator; Theremin and the Dawn of Electronics; Martin Rev

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Issue 148

June 1996

On The Cover: Andrew Weatherall

Stuck To The Cover: free Big Cat CD

Features: Lou Reed, Pil, Neil Young, Marvin Gaye, Mad Professor, Meat Beat Manifesto, Jungle goes AWOL, 808 State, Ravi Shankar

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Issue 171

May 1998

On The Cover: Sonic Youth - Boom times in NYC

Inside: Savage Pencil Postcards - Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Grateful Dead, Beefheart

Features: Robert Moog - the doctor is in; Blood Ulmer - the return of Capt Black; LTJ Bukem's Jukebox, The Fall in New York; Nonplace Urban Field in Auckland; Royal Trux, Slapp Happy, B12

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Issue 211

September 2001

ON THE COVER: Björk - Flitting between London, Reykjavik and Manhattan, Iceland's queen of the night has been singing round the digital campfire with Matmos, Matthew Herbert and others on her new Vespertine album. By David Toop

FEATURES: Q-Bert, Pandit Pran Nath, Stereolab, Mike Patton, Lester Bangs, Stephan Mathieu, Gregg Bendian, Radu Malfatti, Lightning Bolt, Patti Smith, Crass

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