Issue 314

April 2010

+ The Wire Tapper 23

On The Cover: Konono No 1 - In Kinshasa, Nick Richardson meets the group who amplified the African thumb piano and their extended 'Congotronics' family, including Kasai Allstars. Stuck To The Cover: Wire Tapper 23 - free 20-track CD featuring The A Band, Raymond Dijkstra, Rolf Julius and more. Plus: Joanna Newsom's Invisible Jukebox, Giacinto Scelsi Primer, Edgard Varèse, Eleh, DJ Stringray, Stefan Goldmann, The Gaslamp Killer and more

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As part of the artist Matthew Vollgraff's exhibition Glottogenesis , on the origins of human speech and language, author and sound artist Brandon...