Issue 70

December 1989

ON THE COVER: 29th Street Jazz Quartet - Blow Up!

FEATURES: The 80s: Essential Albums, The 90s: Michael Nyman, Cassandra Wilson, Marvin Smitty Smith, Bobby Bradford, Lee Konitz, John Rae

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Issue 76

June 1990

ON THE COVER: John Surman - The Amazing Adventures Of...

FEATURES: Jazz Warriors, Dexter Gordon, Shankar, Krzysztof Penderecki, Tommy Smith, Mingus: The Last Years

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Issue 108

February 1993

ON THE COVER: Music - The Endless Quest For Truth, Lone Visionaries And Rogue Elements, Marching To The Beat Of A Different Drum

FEATURES: Bill Frisell, Sonic Youth, Peter Brotzmann, Gil Scott-Heron, Hermeto Pascoal, Faust, John Cale

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Issue 111

May 1993

ON THE COVER: Music and the days of rage, how the world turned upside down and how the beat changed with it

FEATURES: The Fall, Daniel Lanois, Stan Tracey, Suede, Sugar, Shepp, Braxton, Brotzmann

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Issue 189

November 1999

+ Domino On The Wire

On The Cover: Iggy Pop - 25 years after The Stooges' demise, their raw rock noise has lost none of its power. Now living in Miami, Iggy reflects on their legacy, and the release of his best album in years. By Edwin Pouncey

Features: Lee Konitz's Invisible Jukebox, People Like Us, Pelt, Kevin Drumm, Lee Perry Primer, Undercurrents #11: Generation Ecstasy

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Issue 204

February 2001

ON THE COVER: Tortoise - Climbing out of their shells, Chicago's premier post-rockers reveal to David Keenan how their new album redefines their standards even as it reaffirms their hardcore roots

FEATURES: Primer: The Residents, Secret Museum of Mankind, Invisible Jukebox: Gary Lucas, Bob Ostertag, Lesser, Peaches, Japanorama live

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Issue 205

March 2001

ON THE COVER: Talvin Singh - With the release of his second album Ha, the multitasking tabla master has been promoted to the global music elite, hanging with cronies from Bill Laswell and Sakamato to Andrew Lloyd Webber. By Peter Shapiro

FEATURES: Ornette Coleman, Tangents: The Blank Generation, Invisible Jukebox: Stephen Malkmus, Phill Niblock, John Wall, Future Pilot AKA, Thighpaulsandra, Joy Division

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Issue 209

July 2001

ON THE COVER: Radiohead - At their Oxford base, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood tell Simon Reynolds about dissent in an apathetic age, the secrets of their studio techniques and how to stay off-message while under corporate manners

FEATURES: MicroHouse, Arthur Doyle, Invisible Jukebox: Pauline Oliveros, Tangents: Metropolis and the Man-Machine, Jacques Attali, Four Tet, John Hudak, Fennesz, Chrome

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Issue 213

November 2001

ON THE COVER: Jim O'Rourke - His recent appointment as Sonic Youth's fifth member hasn't cured avant music's most workaholic producer. David Keenan hears about O'Rourke's new LPs of Southern fried boogie and Mego electronica, and why Chicago sucks

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Lol Coxhill, Kaija Saariaho, The Soviet noise network, Bobby Conn, Nagisa Ni te, Blectum From Blechdom, Charley Patton, Dave Douglas, Manhattan Stories: Lee Ranaldo, Stephen Vitiello, Skiz Fernando, Alan Licht and more

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Issue 217

March 2002

ON THE COVER: Sonic Youth - Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo talk through their involvement with the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Los Angeles, and dispense the secrets of eternal Youth. By Christoph Cox

FEATURES: Sam Rivers, Invisible Jukebox: Steinski, Christof Migone, Marc Almond, Rocket From the Tombs, Thomas Brinkmann, John Zorn, Bohman Brothers, Oslo's new Improv set, Thomas Buckner, Musée Mécanique, Cex

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Issue 226

December 2002

ON THE COVER: Jackie-O Motherfucker - From their base in America's far North West, the ramshackle free rock collective has developed a liberating aesthetic of harmonious noise as a bulwark against the forcces of conservatism and commodification. By Edwin Pouncey

FEATURES: Keith Levene, Erstwhile in Tokyo, Invisible Jukebox: Kevin Ayers, Acoustic Ecology, Hrvatski, Fursaxa, Soft Pink Truth, Beth Gibbons, Tony Conrad & Faust, Mark E Smith

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Issue 229

March 2003

ON THE COVER: Faust - They may have signed a pact with the Mephistophelean record industry, but the Neanderthals of Krautrock never stopped shaking their fists. David Keenan charts the group's journey to combat boredom with "all known sounds"

FEATURES: Steve Roden, Heiner Goebbels, Paul Dolden, Joe McPhee, Invisible Jukebox: David Toop, Black Dice, Maja Ratkje, Martin Siewart, Daphne Oram, Ryoji Ikeda

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Issue 234

August 2003

ON THE COVER: New Weird America - Sunburned Hand of the Man are spearheading the groundswell of the US free folk revolution. By David Keenan

FEATURES: Primer: Fela Kuti, Robert Ashley, Phew, Mike Paradinas, The Pastels, Niobe, Cedric Im Brooks, Tu m'

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Issue 235

September 2003

ON THE COVER: Matmos - David Toop tries to keep the peace as Björk confederates Drew Daniel and MC Schmidt recreate the Civil War

FEATURES: Kaffe Matthews, Invisible Jukebox: David Byrne, Mike Kelley, Ron Geesin, Borah Bergman, Robert Wyatt, Erase Errata, Leafcutter John, Eric Glick Rieman

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Issue 236

October 2003

+ The Wire Tapper 10

ON THE COVER: Great Lost Recordings - Reissue this! We pick 50 forgotten albums screaming out to see the light of day

FEATURES: Miles Davis, Rhythm & Sound, Invisible Jukebox: Peaches, Rechenzentrum, Carla Bozulich, Perry Robinson

PLUS: The Wire Tapper 10 - free double CD featuring Animal Collective, Kim Hiorthøy, David Sylvian, Erik Friedlander, Clogs, David Grubbs, Alias, Sagor & Swing, and many more

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Issue 237

November 2003

ON THE COVER: Aphex Twin - David Stubbs meets Richard James and his Rephlex partners on the eve of the label's 12th birthday tour

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Christian Marclay, Taku Sugimoto, Primer: Spectral Music (from Varèse to Saariaho), Gloria Coates, Earth, Erik Friedlander, Tim Hecker, Burning Man, Will Menter

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Issue 240

February 2004

ON THE COVER: Einstüzende Neubauten - David Keenan meets the perpetually mobile German wrecking crew in their Berlin hometown

FEATURES: Sun City Girls, Joe Boyd, Primer: Charles Mingus, Invisible Jukebox: Greg Tate, Anthony Pateras, Portable, Davis Redford Triad

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Issue 250

December 2004

+ The Wire Tapper 12

ON THE COVER: In Praise of the Riff. Celebrating The Wire's 250th issue, we present a guide to rhythm, repetition, loops and trance, including Chris Sharp on riffs breaking away from rock and David Toop on the riff in free jazz.

FEATURES: Invisible Jukebox: Marshall Allen, The Finnish underground, John Peel RIP, Greg Davis,

PLUS: The Wire Tapper 12: This month's free cover-mounted 40 track double CD is available in shops worldwide and features tracks by Daniel Biro & Rob Palmer, Githead, Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides, Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players, Chas Smith, Ascoltare, Ergo Phizmiz, The Fall, Cul De Sac/Damo Suzuki, Milky Globe, Andrew Pekler, DJ /Rupture Featuring Sister Nancy, David Grubbs & Nikos Veliotis, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney and more

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Issue 256

June 2005

+ The Wire Tapper 13

ON THE COVER: Laugh Till It Hurts - The best music is as serious as your life, which is why laughter is one of its most important components. In a 14 page special, our squad of correspondents get their laughing gear around a century of sonic wit and musical jesters from Aphex to Zappa. Plus: David Stubbs explains how humour and music make for unlikely bedfellows, and David Toop muses on the comedy of the grand piano and the misery of Max Wall

FEATURES: Tod Dockstader, Mark Stewart, The Books, Cooper-Moore, Clemens Gadenstätter

PLUS: The Wire Tapper 13 - This month's free cover-mounted 20 track double CD is available in shops worldwide and features tracks by Matt Elliott, Kid 606, Nick Castro, Junkboy, Juana Molina, Alexander Hacke, Akinori, Pajo, Tu'M and more

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Issue 257

July 2005

ON THE COVER: Jamie Lidell - How Super Collider's former singer discovered a deeper voice to become the godson of soul. By Rob Young

FEATURES: Ornette Coleman, Animal Collective, Invisible Jukebox: Keiji Haino, Primer: Lone Horns Improv, Magik Markers, Monolake, Tony Bevan

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Issue 262

December 2005

+ The Wire Tapper 14

ON THE COVER: Lightning Bolt

FEATURES: Ken Hyder, Vashti Bunyan, Invisible Jukebox: Ray Russell, Primer: Jamaican Deejays, Tujiko Noriko, Susanne Brokesch, Kang Tae Hwan

PLUS: Wire Tapper 14: All copies of this month's issue come with a free 16 track CD, the latest volume in our ongoing series of new music compilations. The CD features tracks by Oren Marshall, Dirty Projectors, Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid, This Heat, Nels Cline/Wally Shoup/Chris Corsano and more

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Issue 274

December 2006

+ The Wire Tapper 16

ON THE COVER: Melvins - The unpredictable California based quartet intersperse neo-Metal albums with art film soundtracks, avant garde provocations and audience baiting antics. By Phil Freeman

STUCK ON THE COVER: The Wire Tapper 16 - Free 21 track CD with tracks by Califone, Pansonic, Derek Bailey, The Slits, Alan Vega and more

FEATURES: John Surman, Texan Hiphop, Marc Ribot, Charles Atlas, Steve Mackay, Reanimator, Hisato Higuchi, Beat Furrer

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Issue 285

November 2007

Underground Resistance founder 'Mad' Mike Banks explains campaign strategy to Mark Fisher. Plus interviews with Loren Connors, Russel Haswell and Sonny Simmons; JG Thirlwell's Jukebox, Thurston Moore's Inner Sleeve, Juneau/Projects/ in Cross Platform plus our 22-page Reviews section, Epiphanies, Global Ear, Savage Pencil's Trip Or Squeek and more

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Issue 291

May 2008

On The Cover: Wolfgang Voigt: With the rerelease of his classic, controversial GAS series, the Kompakt/Profan/Studio 1 founder and Cologne minimal architect talks psychedelic forestry with Rob Young. Plus: Interviews with Max Eastley, Kan Mikami, Dean Roberts, Jon Hassell, Dexplicit and Frans de Waard, Carl Craig's Invisible Jukebox, AV Festival in Cross Platform, Underground Resistance artist Abdul Quadim Haqq's Inner Sleeve, Lawrence English's Epiphany and more

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Issue 314

April 2010

+ The Wire Tapper 23

On The Cover: Konono No 1 - In Kinshasa, Nick Richardson meets the group who amplified the African thumb piano and their extended 'Congotronics' family, including Kasai Allstars. Stuck To The Cover: Wire Tapper 23 - free 20-track CD featuring The A Band, Raymond Dijkstra, Rolf Julius and more. Plus: Joanna Newsom's Invisible Jukebox, Giacinto Scelsi Primer, Edgard Varèse, Eleh, DJ Stringray, Stefan Goldmann, The Gaslamp Killer and more

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Issue 318

August 2010

On the cover: Chris Watson - Ken Hollings meets the sound recordist and Cabaret Voltaire founder whose mic penetrates the wild places humans can't reach. Plus: Howard Riley, Surgeon, Chicks On Speed, Rhodri Davies's Invisible Jukebox, Peter Shapiro on Cosmic Disco, Julian Lynch, Helena Gough, Terror Danjah

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Issue 328

June 2011

On the cover: The poster boys for the ATP generation tell Daniel Spicer about life after Tyondai Braxton, the Prog-pop equation, and working with Gary Numan. Plus Simon Reynolds on Retromania, Clive Bell on sea shanties, Demdike Stare's Invisible Jukebox, DVA, Mantana Roberts, Caroline Bergvall and much more

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Issue 342

August 2012

On the cover: Ariel Pink: Nick Richardson interviews the Haunted Graffiti artist, who gets mature with songs about Jewishness, nymphomania and the beta male revolution. Plus: Maria Minerva by Nina Power, Buddy Pipp by Val Wilmer, Peter Cusack Invisible Jukebox, Kassem Mosse, Peter Ablinger, Dani Gal, Bamako Global Ear and more.

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The Portal from Issue 328

Global Ear: Hong Kong Portal

May 2011

"Based in Brookline, MA, and part-funded by the US National Endowment For The Humanities, Morning Sun is presented by the Independent TV Service and the Center For Asian American Media. One section offers period music, excerpts from feature films, the text of Mao's Little Red Book, personal diaries, and magazine articles; another focuses on the Mao cult. There are plentiful film-clips, music and images of the revolution."

This month's Global Ear on Hong Kong is co-authored by Andy Hamilton & James Steintrager.

Issue 366

August 2014

+ The Wire Tapper 35

On the cover: St Vincent: The Tulsa born guitarist and songwriter’s restless anxiety derails and undermines conventional songforms – by Joseph Stannard. Andy Hamilton speaks with electronic music pioneer Trevor Wishart, Rory Gibb interviews London producer Lee Gamble, Bernie Krause's Invisible Jukebox, plus Filastine, Günter Schickert, Huddersfield sound systems and much more – not to forget hundreds of albums, downloads, videos and books reviewed. Plus: our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire.

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Issue 370

December 2014

On the cover: Freedom Principles – The Wire’s contributors survey ideas of freedom in music and liberation in sound with 16 pages of essays on resistance songs, nonsense rhymes, trap rap, improv, karaoke and more. Plus: Eiko Ishibashi, Amarass records India’s folk legends, Laura Cannell, Bob Cobbing, Biba Kopf listens to the ancient songs of the Ainu people of Japan, hundreds of records, books and films reviewed, and more

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Issue 270

August 2006

+ Eco e Narciso CD

ON THE COVER: Smegma - Three decades of free rock mayhem hasn't dimmed the enthusiasm of the LA freakout troupe who have worked with Wild Man Fischer, Richard Meltzer, Merzbow and Wolf Eyes. By David Keenan

FEATURES: Dabrye, Invisible Jukebox: Biosphere, Akio Suzuki & John Butcher, Die Trip Computer Die, Cross Platform: Brian Eno, Philip Samartzis, Leopard Leg, John Wiese

Buy - £4.00

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Issue 369

November 2014

+ The Wire Tapper 36

On the cover: The Newcastle singer and guitarist Richard Dawson weaves his songs from the landscapes and social histories of North East England. By Abi Bliss; the multi-instrumentalist and artist Alfred 23 Harth; Cooly G takes the Invisible Jukebox test; a Primer on Autechre remixes; composer Moniek Darge; Kenny Wheeler remembered; Katie Gately; Ascetic House; Selvhenter and more. Plus hundreds of releases, gigs, books and films reviewed. AND our latest 20 track CD, free to all readers with The Wire

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