Watch: Heather Phillipson's A Is to D What E Is to H

February 2015

Watch a video work by the artist and poet

Humour is an important tool for Phillipson, says Nathan Budzinski, who interviewed Phillipson in The Wire 372: “It creates a kind of surface to my work," she says, "it cracks it or smoothens it, covers it and unsettles it, and lets a lot of things in that wouldn’t be there otherwise.”

Her 2011 video A Is To D What E Is To H contains a condensed hit of the dynamic between anxiety, self-reference and humour that runs through all Phillipson’s work: “Sometimes I hear my voice when I’m speaking," she says. "It’s very boring. I’ve been trying for years to escape it. In fact, that’s the real reason for the French kissing: it keeps the mouth occupied.”

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