Watch: Balloon & Needle's Lee Miyeon: Needle And My Town

July 2014

Watch a video for the artist Lee Miyeon's track on a compilation by South Korea's Balloon & Needle.

Balloon & Needle is a project based out of South Korea, organised by Choi Joonyong, an energetic figure on the Seoul noise scene. Artists featured on the two CD Balloon & Needle Compilation were chosen on the basis of their previous experience of making works using balloons and needles.

Above is a video for Lee Miyeon’s “Needle And My Town”, one of the tracks on the album. Other artists featured are Ricardo Arias, Eugene Chadbourne, Choi Sehee, Benedict Drew, Judy Dunaway, EVOL, Attila Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta, GEN 26 (Matjaz Galicic), Hong Chulki, Horio Kanta, Jin Sangtae, Lee Miyeon, Una Lee, Luciano Maggiore, Dave Phillips, Umeda Tetsuya, Davide Tidoni and Frans de Waard

Balloon & Needle Compilation is reviewed by Julian Cowley in The Wire 366

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