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Watch a video of excerpts from a performance of David Rosenboom's Bell Solaris. Rosenboom is featured in The Wire 367

David Rosenboom says: "Bell Solaris — the sun rings like a bell, initiating waves of influence that traverse, shape and create space, time and life. Various influences in the composition include: GONG (Global Oscillation Network Group), online access to the daily spectrum of portents from the sun’s vibrations, and selections from Ovid’s catalogue of transformations among gods and mortals and his chronicles of Pythagoras’s lectures on change — all transfigured by my views of history, evolution and a penchant for symbolic replication and anthropomorphism. Bell Solaris, a 12 movement work for piano, was initially written for pianist Katrina Krimsky, who premiered it in 1998. Excerpts are presented in this video from a 2005 expanded version in which I played piano and interactive software driving a Yamaha Disklavier. I collaborated with theatre director Travis Preston to create an imagistic expansion of the music to intensify the audience’s listening experience and bring them into closer communion with the ecstasies and meditations of the music and the musician. The essence of this theatrical magnification is to explore a new way of focusing and encouraging the creative listening that is so important in interacting with new kinds of music."

Click here to listen to a selection of work by David Rosenboom, compiled and annotated by the composer.

Watch: Jandek live

Watch a recording of Jandek rehearsing for a concert in Minneapolis in 2013, taken from the documentary I Know You Well. The elusive legend was interviewed face to face for the first time by David Keenan, featured in The Wire 360 and 361.

Watch: Multiple Tap Tokyo

Watch seven short videos made during a recent instalment of the collective Japanese underground music event in Tokyo, featured in The Wire 360.

Watch: Demdike Stare's Transmission

Watch the video for an excerpt of Demdike Stare's next Testpressing, Fail. Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker are on the cover of The Wire 358.