Listen: tracks by Radian & Howe Gelb

November 2014

Listen to tracks from Radian and Howe Gelb's recent collaboration

Joseph Stannard writes about the Arizonan musician and Austrian outfit's recent album together in The Wire 370: "For a good few decades, Tucson, Arizona’s Howe Gelb has been actively interrogating country rock where too many are content to listen and nod. His interpretation is singular and uncontrived, rather like a cubist take on the music’s accumulated tropes and trademarks; the parts are there, but they’re assembled in a way that has little to do with simple representation. Not a bad fit for Austrian group Radian, then, given that they’ve been performing similar artistic surgery on a variety of forms since 1996, steadily arriving at a music that isn’t reducible to any generic category but which is notable for its high degree of textural detail. For this collaborative release, Gelb contributed vocals, piano and guitar over four sessions. The fragments were then processed and reconfigured by the group, and folded into eight sketch-like original compositions and a beautifully dissolute, low-key version of Mancini/Mercer standard “Moon River” (“Um... there’s a triple A battery stuck in the piano”, says Gelb at its conclusion).

Radian Verses Howe Gelb is out on Radian Releases/Trost

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