Listen: Alasdair Roberts and Olivia Chaney's "Artless One” demo

January 2015

Listen to a demo recording of a song later included on Roberts's new album

Scottish folk guitarist and songwriter Alasdair Roberts was featured in The Wire 371 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Stewart Smith. The above track is an early demo recording of a song on his new self titled album, released by Drag City. Recorded in York in late 2013, it features Roberts singing and playing guitar, alongside Olivia Chaney on electric piano and providing vocals.

Alasdair Roberts was reviewed by Brian Morton in the same issue: "This is the first music that feels genuinely post-referendum, and it achieves it by rejecting the bias towards tragic subject matter imposed on Scottish traditional music by the imperial urge that turned Scotland into a tableau of stags, heather, castles, lost romantic causes and anything else that could be stencilled onto a shortbread tin... Scottish traditional song has invariably been bloody with very little affirmation. Here all that is set aside in favour of something more affirmative and proactive, even as it acknowledges a long and turbulent history."

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