Shackleton & Juergen Boettcher video

November 2010

Watch an excerpt from a film by German artist Strawalde, with soundtrack by Shackleton.

As Shackleton tells it, this collaboration with Strawalde (aka Juergen Boettcher) began when: "Boettcher turned up at my studio on his 78th birthday and announced that he had a present for us both. Previously I had made him a short mix of my more ambient stuff as he was really enthusiastic about the music after he attended a gig I played organised by his son Lucas. The present turned out to be the film of which you are watching an extract."

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Adventures In Modern Music 4 November 2010

Presented this week by Derek Walmsley. To celebrate the forthcoming launch of his new label, we have two exclusive new tracks from former Skull Disco man Shackleton. Now based in Berlin, Shackleton's organic, ethnically tinged style of dubstep was one of the most original strains of electronic music to emerge from London in the late 2000s. His new label, entirely dedicated to his own work, is named Woe To The Septic Heart, and we'll be airing its debut 12" release.