Contact sheets: Lost photos from The Wire's archive

December 2013

Recently we discovered a large cardboard box of negatives, transparencies, contact sheets and photos which had escaped filing.

Here is a selection of the best, from Rammellzee through a haze, to David Byrne with sunflower, Whitehouse on a deserted street and David Toop at home.

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Simon Reynolds's Toopographical Portal

Peruse Reynolds's web link Toopology, accompanying his feature "Tales From Toopographic Oceans" that looks at the cultural politics of his fellow author and critic, David Toop, in The Wire 338.

David Toop: All Mix & No Master…?

Does the new technology of mix 'n' splice mean the end of Popular Song as we know it? Or the start of a new open-ended dance afterlife? The death of the Original, or the birth of the infinite version? David Toop looks/locks into a brand new time lapse. This article originally appeared in The Wire 103 (September 1992). David Toop reflects on writing the essay below.

A-Z Of Electro

In its original incarnation, Electro was black science fiction teleported to the dancefloors of New York, Miami and LA; a super-stoopid fusion of video games, techno-pop, graffiti art, silver space suits and cyborg funk. Now that Electro is back, David Toop provides a thumbnail guide to the music that posed the eternal question: "Watupski, bug byte?" This article originally appeared in The Wire 145 (March 1996).

Derek Bailey remembered

A full collection of tributes to the late musician, including a number of pieces which were not published in the magazine.