Watch two Nik Colk Void Solid Sound videos

May 2012

Watch two Solid Sound experiments made by Nik Colk Void exclusively for The Wire.

The first film is titled Gold E Playback, and features Colk's handmade 7" sleeve for "Gold E". Void is asking people who bought the single to send her videos of the sleeve being played to be used in a future work (watch more of those videos here).

The second film is titled Swing. Of Swing, Colk says: "It's self explanatory – a bit like when I was asked to make a record, I made a record. I made a guitar swing, using swinging as an extended technique for guitar feedback."

Nik Colk Void is one third of Factory Floor, one third of Carter Tutti Void, and also creates and releases solo records. She is interviewed by Jennifer Lucy Allan in The Wire 340.

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