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Watch: Franck Vigroux's "2024" video by Fabien Zocco

May 2014

Watch a video made by Fabien Zocco for musician, label runner and festival curator Franck Vigroux's track, "2024" exclusive to The Wire.

Speaking with Brian Morton in The Wire 364, Franck Vigroux describes himself as part of a generation of composers in France “who’ve been trying to regenerate music theatre or hybrid forms. I can’t really analyse my ‘philosophy’, but I am particularly obsessed by the intrinsic nature of sound, which surprises me constantly. So I spend my time in the studio searching for sounds, using all sorts of machines and devices. For instance, I’ve just finished a record where I simply played an old guitar through an amplifier with very little additional in the way of effects but with a range of tones and overtones [accordages] – which then become the object of meticulous research.”

Vigroux divides his time between curating Les Instants Sonores music and arts festival in Mende, southern France and the White Noises festival in the Paris suburb of Arcueil, and running the D’Autres Cordes label. Since it was founded in 2003, the label has released work by Samuel Sighicelli, Elliott Sharp, Matthew Bourne and others. Vigroux also regularly collaborates with vocalist Ben Miller as Transistor, video artist Antoine Schmitt as Tempest, Reinhold Friedl and Mika Vainio.

Vigroux and Reinhold Friedl’s Tobel is released by La Muse En Circuit. Les Instants Sonores takes place 11–15 June.

I almost misjudged the video. The beginning of it was not vicious enough for me. I count myself a fan of lines and shapes, symmetry and chaos and everything in between. The music incorporated me so I kept watching it and at the 3rd minute here it was, excellence at every point, line and light. Nice job!

I really like it, but I don't know if it's just the quality on the video, but it sounded really really muddy to me. Stuff like this needs clarity... Looking forward to hearing it properly when it comes out.

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