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Woebot's Gear Videos Primer

July 2012

Matthew Ingram (aka Woebot) this month contributes an Unofficial Channels column on gear videos. "Gear lust is probably responsible for more sleepless nights than amphetamines or the coming and going of groupies," he says. Tune in for a concentrated gear-fix.

Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator on Bee Gees Rhythm Machine
Uploaded by user peahix, who says: "This is me playing Kraftwerk's "Pocket Calculator" on a Mattel Bee Gees Rhythm Machine keyboard, followed by Kraftwerk's Ralf Hutter playing the song live on their Mattel Bee Gees Rhythm Machine. Except theirs has all the Bee Gees decals removed so that the audience won't mistake them for the Bee Gees."

Waldorf Q demo part 2 of 2 by WC Olo Garb
Ingram recommends the whole channel by user Jexus, who's demo videos put James Ferraro to shame.

Oberheim OB8 ARP01
Nice arpegios from an Oberheim OB-8

Roland MKS 50
"Preposterous MKS 50 Demo," says Ingram.

Mr. Invisible - Bring It On (Justin Aswell MPC Solo)
...Mr. Invisible on the MPC

Oliver Chesler's Vermona Drum Machine

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